Friday, September 23, 2011

Hopeful Friday

I love Fridays!!  My students are happy, I'm usually chipper, and the weekend is within striking distance!  I'm especially shiny today because I have lots of hope.  Here's what I'm hopeful for...

1.  B slept through the night for the first time in a million years (or at least it feels like that).  I have hope she can do it, one day!  I know last night could quite possibly be a fluke, but just 1 night of sleep and a glimmer of what's to come, will help me get through the tough days ahead.  Ya Bryn!  :) 

2.  I am starting to "get through" to some of my more difficult students.  Grades are improving, behavior is improving, and the relationship is growing.  I have hope!
3.  Tomorrow hubs and I will join our neighbors in support of breast cancer awareness at the Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure.  I'm so very hopeful for a cure!  This disease has hit close to home too many times throughout my life, so I'm running in support of all of those strong ladies!  I'm also running for my own strength, my first race "back" after baby!  I'm pumped! 

4. T money has been a much better behaved little guy the past few days.  I haven't written a post about this yet, but T has been "difficult" lately.  He breaks my heart with some of his behavior, and hubs and I have been working very hard to correct it.  We believe in him, and this turn-around has given us both hope!  Nice work, T!

5. The past 3 days, my supply has greatly improved.  If you remember in a previous post, my supply had taken a sudden nosedive.  I am now hopeful I can get it back on track (hilariously, I'm attached to this God-awful machine as I!).  I think, for me anyway, double-pumping and feeding B from both sides (I was only doing 1) is really helping.  I've also increased my calorie intake and added 1 extra pumping session per day (I was doing 3, now I do 4).  So good!  ::Fingers crossed::

What a great way to start a weekend!  Hope :)


  1. I'm so glad everything is looking up for you :)

    The Race for the Cure will be my first race post baby, too. Our's isn't until Oct 15th, though. Good luck!

  2. Great post! Maybe I will see you tomorrow. I will be hanging back with my mom. Since she is still just out of the hospital we may not actually walk but we will be cheering!!


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