Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our August "Stay-Cation"

This August Mike took a few days off work and we had our own little stay-cation in Cincinnati.  It was some of the best memories we have made as a family, and ended up being a very exciting and monumental month in our lives.  We began our "stay-cation" with a trip to Kings Island, and I finally got to ride my first of many KI rollercoaster :)  We picked a perfect day during the week, so the park wasn't too crowded. Mike and I got to ride some rides together, because my in-laws joined us.  It was great.  We did simple things like going to the park, getting ice cream and spending time outside.  We also made a short trip to the lake for some last-minute summer memories before I started back at work.  It was a perfect August.  To make it even more perfect and special, at the end of the month, we found out we were pregnant with our second baby.  It was a very exciting time in our lives!  

So why haven't I been updating our family blog all fall/winter?  Well, I started a new blog when we found out we were pregnant, so I could have a journal of all the stages of my pregnancy.  I figured it was time to link up the two blogs.  Here's the address:  http://www.schermanbabythesequel.blogspot.com/

Our trip to Kings Island

Our last trip to the lake (the best place on earth) for Summer 2010 :(

 Reds Game
Fun family times at home :)
 Learning to fish with Papa

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