Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite Things ~ Month 1 Edition

Bryn will be 1 month tomorrow!  I still can't believe how fast it's gone, and that I'm going back to work in 2.5 weeks (waaaaaa!).  It makes me nauseous to think of leaving her.  Although I'm tired, and tend to have some cranky moments, I truly believe I'm rolling with all the exhaustion, changes and struggles well.  I'm definitely able to enjoy maternity leave more the second-time around, as I am aware how fast it goes and how it will soon be gone for good.  :( There are a few items that have made my life easier in the first month of Bryn's life.  Here's my list (especially for you mommies-to-be who are looking for items to add to your registries!)

My Favorite Items ~ Month 1 Edition (in no particular order):

1.  itzbeen timer

Although I have to admit that when I heard of this baby item on the boards I thought, really?? can't you just use a pen and paper...but...I love it!  I did use a pen/paper to record Bryn's feeding and diapers the first week, but after that, this little gadget has been a lifesaver!  I mostly use the top two buttons and the bottom slider to keep track of when I changed and fed last, and what side. When you're sleep deprived, you forget these things, especially what side you fed on if you breastfeed.  I love this timer, and carry it with me everywhere.  It even clips onto your pants, or whatever you're wearing (you don't look very cool but who cares right?!).  It also has a handy-dandy back light AND a nightlight that I use to see if Brynleigh is asleep or awake in her cradle at night.  Highly recommended, people!  Well worth the 24 bucks I spent on it! 

2.  Cloud b Sleep Sheep on the go

I like this smaller version because it's portable (has Velcro attachment), has 4 soothing sounds (Bryn, Mike and I prefer the rain setting), volume control and you can literally attach it to anything (good for a screaming baby in the car, stroller, etc) 

3.  Upholstered rocker from Target - Lullaby Gilder Rocker in striped sage

I use it 2-3 times per night for feedings and love love love it!  It was so affordable too, gotta love target!

4.  FP Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

I know there are many out there that have more bells and whistles, moving parts, sounds and other fun features...but we love this simple tool. It helps us get a minute to eat dinner as a family, take a potty break or try to get in a workout DVD in.  The first night home, she actually slept in it overnight, as it was the only thing that soothed her.  Love it!

5.  Classic Ergo with infant insert

I knew I'd love this baby item...and I do!!!  Bryn and I visit friends using this (so not too many hands touch her) and we go for walks or take Ty to the park using the Ergo.  I even took her to the outlet mall in it.  I love it!  I can't wait till we don't need the insert though, as I feel bad for her because it seems hot.  My favorite part about the Ergo is actually the head cover! 

6. aden + anais burpy bib

This simple tool rocks.  It's a burp cloth that has a C shape, so it fits perfectly on your shoulder, it's really soft (as it's organic) and it also becomes a bib by snapping closed (which is key when you can't get your baby to burp and you have to put him/her in the carrier or a stroller).  I only have 2 of these, but I wish all my burp cloths were this brand!  Love love them! 

7. Ameda store & pour bags!

These bags are so easy to fill (as they expand on the bottom and stand upright) plus they are easy to pour when being defrosted.  I also discovered that they can be attached to my Ameda pump (with an attachment that I always wondered what it was for) so you can pump DIRECTLY INTO THE BAGS!  It's genius!  Just one more reason why I love love my Ameda breastpump! :)

8.  Pottery Barn Kids reversible Chamois Stroller blanket

We got this as a gift, and it was personalized, and I am about to order another one.  They are so soft, just light enough to cover baby in April, but heavy enough to keep the wind off of her when we go out.  I adore it!  I have the pink version, but I'm going to get the purple as well.  The other great thing about it is that it's really big, so I think it will last her a long time. 
Chamois Stroller Blanket

9. First Years Gumdrop pacifiers

They're just like the soothies but they have the cut-out for the nose, which I really like!  I'm a big fan of these pacifiers (or as we call them...binkies!)  We can also attach them to a binky-holder (which we keep attached to her carrier).  I'm loving them!
The First Years BPA Free GumDrop Newborn Pacifier 2pk - Pink & Purple - The First Years  - Babies"R"Us

10.  Udder cover

I know there are many versions of this item, and believe it or not I got mine for free, but I really think it's a great tool.  I was one of those first-time moms that thought I could just use a blanket to NIP (that's nurse in public for you non-bumpies) but man this simple tool makes it so much easier.  The best part about a hooter-hider/udder cover is that it has a wire around the top, which allows you to see into your baby while he/she is nursing and it goes around your head, much like an apron.  The design really frees up your hands to get baby latched on and comfortable.  I'm glad I got one this time!  The picture below is even the same pattern I got.

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