Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random July 2010 Moments

We have had a fun-filled summer.  I have truly enjoyed being home with Tyler.  Three is a very fun age, it's like having a built-in best friend at home instead of a baby to watch.  It's been such a joy to have this gift being home with him, for an extended period of time. 

We did an impromptu trip up to Dayton for a minor league Dayton Dragons game.  It was a great idea, and really fun...despite the million degrees.  We sat on the lawn for $7.00, can't beat that price!  Ty also "caught" a foul ball!  What a moment that was.

Ty & Daddy check-in out the line-up
Mommy & Ty

One random stormy July day, Mike & Ty decided to run in the rain.  It's definitely a simple pleasure.

I also signed up Tyler for gymnastics at the locale workout facility.  The Tiny Tumblers class was a blast for Ty, and a great 45 minutes of entertainment for Mommy too.  Mike's mom, Marcia, also enjoyed attending with me frequently.  Tyler love the class, his teachers, his buddies and all the cool equipment.  I was so glad I sprung for the class. 
My cutie just  a random day in July

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