Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Countdown Begins ~ April 2011

It's only a matter of weeks now till baby girl arrives.  It's a very exciting and nerve-wracking time.  I have been incredibly blessed to be showered with lots of love (or "sprinkled" I guess, since it's child #2) from all the people in various parts of my life.  My work friends threw me a fabulous brunch, my neighborhood friends threw me an impromptu book club baby shower and the pix below are of the surprise "sprinkle" given to me by my hubby's side of the family (+ my mom!).  It's been an overwhelming but very special time!  I truly feel like Cincy is home now, after almost 6 long years.  I feel like I have a really special group of friends, both at work and in my neigborhood, that I can count on the dote on and love my new addition.  It's been wonderful!  We're also finishing up all our household projects, prepping old baby stuff and playing the waiting game.  I'm nearly prepared for my long-term sub, and we're just so pumped to meet our little girl!

All the details of the showers, preparations, etc are in my pregnancy blog (see link at right).

My Scherman family surprise "sprinkle"

 My awesome helper...soon-to-be big brother Tyler

 The Scherman clan
 We also got together with our friends the Borskys' & Frantz' for pizza before the baby arrived.  Here's Ty practicing his big brother duties with little Griffin Borsky
 And me @ 9 months pg!  yikes!

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