Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prostaff Party ~ Christmas Eve Indeed

Mike & I really enjoy hosting Christmas Eve at our house every year.  I've really gotten good at the preparations, cooking and delegating.  It runs fairly smoothly now.  I even start buying supplies in November, which really helps the financial aspect of hosting a big family party.  I really love getting our extended families together to laugh, eat and do our now annual gift exchange.  Last year, I started an elfster gift exchange for the adults in our family.  Since Tyler is currently the only little one (until April that is :)) it's still fun for all of us adults to get a gift for Christmas, but not have to spend money buying something for everyone.  The elfster exchange has been very successful, and really fun!  It's allowed all the family to get-to-know each other, and to have the joy of giving and receiving one gift.

I've also gotten over most of my pregnancy-induced illness, so I can truly enjoy time with the family.  By the end of the night, I was completely exhausted...but it was all well worth it!

Aunt Dee & cousin Patrick
 Aunt A & cousin E (her first Xmas as a married woman!)
 Dave, Marcia, Mike & our half-sister Noelle (in from NYC :))
 The Burkle clan (and 1 in the oven)
 Sisters with our offspring :)

 Ty with Papa and Mimi
 Grams, Granddad & Tyler
 Our family of 3 1/2 :)

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