Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bryn is 5 weeks

Wow, these last 5 weeks have flown by!   I can't believe I only have 1 more week left of maternity leave before I have to tie up school for the year.  Bryn is no longer a newborn, she's a baby, with a personality, habits, likes/dislikes and interactions.  It's incredible!!! Not to mention, I just started planning Tyler's 4th birthday party!  yikes!  I can't believe my baby is turning four!  He's such a great little boy, but I can't believe how fast he went from 5 weeks himself to going on four.  I am very much looking forward to his baseball-themed birthday party, though.  :)  I get such a kick out of themed parties!  I like to do it up right!  I think I was a party planner in another life.  So here's what's going on with our girl Brynleigh (with a little survey I put together):

Age:  5 weeks

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.):  still in mostly newborn stuff, but starting to be able to wear her 0-3 stuff without looking completely ridiculous.  She can wear newborn AND size 1 pampers swaddlers (although the size 1's are huge!)

Sleeping:  She's SUCH A LOUD SLEEPER!  Mike and I decided we have to take a video of her, so she can see how she used to sleep.  It's hilarious.  She snorts and grunts all night long.  She normally makes it about 3 hours, sometimes 4, but never more than 4 hours.  We average about 3 hour chunks of time.  Unfortunately, she's not falling asleep for the night until about midnight or 1'am. 

Eating:  We're still being very successful breastfeeding.  She eats every 2.5 hours, on average.  I think she's eating about 2.5-3oz now, based on pumping.  I've also frozen 265oz of breastmilk for when I go back to work in August.  I freeze about 5-10oz per day, so I don't get too stressed about it. 

Milestones:  This week she smiled a few times and yesterday (05.18.11) she cooed.  That was an exciting sound to hear :)  Bryn is also laying with her legs straight out more often, as opposed to having them folded up tightly like she used to all the time.  She's holding her head up more and more, although she's still our little bobble-head.

Memorable outings:  She's really a "take-along" baby, being the second child, but we did take her to Kings Island for the first time last Friday.  I also had a full day with both kids yesterday, so that was a big milestone.  This morning she went to get two u/s, one on her hips (as they found a click in her right hip) and one on her spine (as she has a sacral dimple above her bum).  All looked normal, per the tech, but we are awaiting "official" results from our pedi. 

Favorite toys/activities:  She's not interested in much yet, but I'm in-love with our vibrating bouncer, and so is she!  Thank the lord for that thing!  Bryn also isn't too fond of the swing.  She also loves the Ergo, and so does mommy!  Bryn is a mommy's girl, often only being calmed down when I hold her.  If she hears my voice, or knows I'm in the room, she wants me and no one else.  I have to say it melts my heart, but when I need a minute to shower or workout and all I can hear is her crying, it's difficult. 

Nicknames:  Mike calls her "baby doll" and I call her "baby girl", "mama", "sweet pea" or "angel pie".  Tyler always uses her full name, saying "hi Brynleigh Anne" (it's so cute!). 

Funny moments:  We cheer when she poops, since it's not happening all that often, and I actually get disappointed when I miss seeing a poopy diaper.  We also have crowned her Princess Puke, because she spits up all the time (a complete departure from her big brother).  I always wondered what those tiny little bibs everyone buys you are I know!  We often go through 3-4 outfits per day.  Needless to say, I'm doing lots and lots of laundry!

Looking forward to:  I'm so excited to bring her home to Chicago this weekend!  My Dad hasn't seen her since she was less than a week old, and my mom hasn't seen her since she was just about 1.5 weeks.  I am also going to introduce her to some of my best friends. 

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  1. Look at all that blonde hair! She is such a little cutie :)


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