Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to the Grind

Today SUCKS!  Sorry if I'm so blunt, but after spending an amazing 6 weeks and 2 days home with my little girl, I was devastated I had to return to work today.  I was so overwhelmed with the thought of it I couldn't even sleep last night, and it wasn't the newborn's fault this time!  I am a teacher, so I realize I need to be thankful I have the summer with my kids, but it doesn't make the first day away from her any easier.  I thought it might be an easier transition the second time around, with my son I was a basket case, but the tears were flowing this morning.  I had to treat it like ripping off a band aid and I booked out of the house this morning so as to not dwell on all the specificities.  I am thankful, however, that one of my good friends was nice enough to volunteer to keep her today.  It made it easier knowing someone I trust is with her today.  Now if only my boobs would stop throbbing.  Going over 3 hours without feeding has been torture.  I just pray I don't leak in front of my HS students!  That would be bad...but hey...I did go into labor in front of them before...so how bad is a little milk stain right?!  

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