Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 ~ New Year, New Family

Our low-key New Years Eve of fondue & movies :)
 We also spend the first two months in 2011 preparing the nursery for our little girl (since we found out in December & confirmed in February that she was in fact a girl and the purple room was a go!).  It was quite an undertaking (see our baby blog for details).  Mike and I successfully put in wainscotting and I think the nursery turned out beautifully!

Winter was cold & snowy, so we had to be inventive when entertaining our 3.5 year old energizer bunny.  We also wanted to make sure he felt special as the due date of his baby sister grew closer. This was an impromptu inside picnic dinner
 Or a day in our pjs was always fun
 In February, Tyler & I flew to Chicago to meet new baby Maddox Gustafson.  We also got to see all my high school friends and their kiddos, and we spent time with my parents and brother.  I got to see Amy and go out for sushi too.  Imagine the looks I got being preggo and downing sushi! lol!  It was so worth it though!  Mike enjoyed his weekend golfing and relaxing too :)

Here are all the hs friends kiddos (in age order)
Carter, Addison, Logan, Mia, Lucas, Tyler, Erica, Hendrix, Cole, Aaron, & Ava (Maddox was missing as he was in the NICU at the time).  The kids had so much fun together! :)  My how far we've come from hs!
My amazing and gorgeous friends (also in age order): Pam, Becky, me (+1), Lisa, Julie, Venessa & Marina (the baby) :)
 You can see that Tyler didn't have any fun at all visiting with all the kiddos...lol!
 At the end of February, we took Ty to a sibling class at the hospital where we would deliver.  We thought it would be beneficial for him to get a bit of preparation, both for what the hospital would look like and what a baby would need when it came home.  He was adorable with the doll, video and touring the facilities.  He is an excited big brother-to-be.

And here are a couple of pictures of me 6 months pregnant.  There are tons of others on the pregnancy blog, link in the upper-right

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