Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a Runner...sort of

Anyone that knows me knows I love to run. My TB icon is even a runner girl, and my labor buddy and I even bonded over our love for running.  I can't explain it...it's freeing, makes me feel powerful and alive, and is when I feel like I'm concentrating on myself for a second.  I am one of those crazy people that gets that "runners high" that people speak of.  I get it not once, but often, when I run.  I just love the open road. 

I have been chained to the treadmill for about 10 months now, as I was forbidden from running very much while struggling to get pregnant as well.  I have slowly gotten back to running on our new treadmill, but I have been hesitant to tear it up outside while I was still recovering physically.  Well, this weekend I "ripped off the bandaid" and took my first 3 outside runs.  It was so liberating.  For the first few minutes I felt alive, and felt a bit like myself for the first time in months. After those first few perfect minutes lapsed, that's where the "sort of" part came in.  I began to be aware of the jigging belly, swinging thighs and butt, and bouncing nursing boobs.  I also began to realize how incredibly slowly I was moving, and how out-of-shape I felt.  The beautiful moment of my first run quickly passed as I became increasingly self-conscious about my new shape and all the unwanted and abnormal jiggling. 

However, despite the unwanted bouncing body parts, I took a big step this weekend, and it felt amazing!!!  I'm back on the horse baby...I'm a runner again...and I don't have some doctor telling me to cut back, slow down or stop.  I'm off and running baby!  Next step...signing up for a race.  Bring it! 

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  1. Good job! I have yet to run outside and now that it's 95 degrees this week I don't know when I will be able to. I bet you'll be running races in no time!


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