Friday, July 8, 2011

Wishing America a Happy Birthday

As always, the Scherman clan spent America's Birthday at my parents lake house in Michigan.  It's one of my favorite places on earth, so it was a wonderful three days and nights with my parents, brother & his girlfriend, T.  The kids adore it!  Ty is a fish in the water, and Bryn never slept as well as she did beside the water everyday.  Thanks Mom & Dad, as always, we had a wonderful time!  Next trip...Myrtle Beach! 

Here are some highlights of the weekend of perfect weather! Happy 4th!

B's favorite place to nap, on the dock!
 The boys spending quality time on the raft (hubs, T & Granddad)
 Granddad giving Ty boating lessons :) Or maybe it was the other way around :)
 Mommy & B
 Daddy & T
I thought it was hilarious when all three of them got ready for the parade, and came out in khakis & navy shirts!  I couldn't resist laughing at them, and of course capturing the moment on film!  (Grams, hubs and T)
 B's second-favorite place at the lake, the swing.  We are tempted to get one of these in our living room :)
 B asleep on Granddad
 Grams & Ty taking an early morning swim
 Paddle-boat time
 More Mommy/B bonding
 Officially a multi-tasking mommy of 2
 Bryn on the 4th in her red, white & blue
 Pinata time on the 4th over at the Soenens
 Mommy & Ty jet-skiing

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