Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Simple Life IS GOOD!

Welcome readers from Toddle Along Tuesday!  Thanks Mama G & Kristin for hosting!  I love comments, so if you visit, please comment, so I can follow you back & follow your journey as well! 
A little background on us (for you new readers):  I'm a teacher (originally from the windy city) and met hubby (a computer programmer) in college.  We moved to the 'nasti, and had our DS (now 4).  After over a year of SIF struggles (read here for that journey), we met our awesome RE, and after treatments...welcomed our DD (now 3 months).  We are an active, toe-headed family of four (maybe five if I get my way), that love sports and the simple life (hence this post)!  Hope you stay and get to know the fam.  Enjoy!
Last night I was sitting down to dinner with my beautiful family of four, and I just felt content.  The past 2.5 years have been a stressful struggle, so it's nice to feel genuinely happy.  It felt good to sit down and talk to our 4 year old about his day, or laugh over what our 3 month old was doing, instead of worrying about our SIF or the pregnancy.  It was a simple, everyday moment, but I just felt so lucky.  Every time I reflect on my life, I just feel good about where I've been and where we're going as a family.  That's a nice feeling to have.  It's wonderful to share silly moments of excitement like this...

T's first soccer practice

Or this...

B plays with toys on her playmat, after 3.5 months of hating it!

 Or even this silliness...

T feeding the hungry mommy ducks his sandwich (even though a sign clearly said "Do Not Feed the Ducks/Geese" :).  I should have been mad, but I just laughed and enjoyed the moment. 
Our generation is getting back to our roots.  We are teaching our children to be polite, independent and active (no helicopter parenting!).  We show our children by example, getting involved in runs, triathlons, biking, hikes, adventure races etc.  We're growing our own food (see our garden below...I'm so proud), and we're teaching better eating habits to our kids.  We support organic farmers, buy food at newly renewed farmers markets, buy more natural products that are made in the USA, cloth diaper (I can't take credit for this one, but I respect those that do), breastfeeding is on the rise, we recycle and buy fuel-efficient cars.  This generation of parents are just determined to make this generation of kids different than the video game generation, and do what we can to preserve and better the planet.  Getting back to the simple life, I love it!

My 2nd year having a garden...and I love growing my own food!  I wish we could have chickens like Kate Gosselin, but I bet our suburban neighbors and our homeowners association wouldn't be too pleased.  From a city girl, I certainly love the ideas of the country!:) 

From L:  Strawberries, Caesar lettuce, spring mix lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, basil, oregano, carrots, green peppers, zucchini, yellow and green beans).

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