Thursday, July 14, 2011

7 lbs

...that's how many I have to lose to be back down to my PP weight.  7 lbs!  :(  I'm trying to convince myself that my nursing boobs weigh that much, do you think it's possible?  Neither do I! ::sigh::  I even googled "how much do nursing breasts weigh"...ummm...I was desperate!! 7 lbs seems like 70 because I am truly doing the best I possibly can.  I've been working out since a week PP, even going back to the gym 9 days after having Bryn.  I have a treadmill in my basement, and even get up at 5am on Fridays to do a spin class.  I gained 5lbs less with B than I did with T, and I worked out more.  Hey body...I'm trying. 

The balancing act is definitely in the food consumption.  I have to eat a certain number of calories to make sure my milk doesn't dry up.  I also get soooo hungry at certain times in the day, like evenings when she's cluster-feeding.  I am a healthy eater, and continue to be now.  So...what gives you dreaded 7 lbs?!?  Why do you torture me so?!?  Why are you preventing me from fitting in my favorite jeans and some of my much-needed work pants?  Why are you stopping me from being able to use my gift certificates from my birthday for new school clothes?  I HATE YOU! 

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  1. I'm right there with you! I mentally subtract at least a pound for all the milk in there when I weigh myself in the morning :)


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