Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Friday ~ Summer SAHM

Teachers might not get paid close to what we're worth...but you definitely can't put a price on being home with your kids in the summer.  It's truly the best of both worlds! I definitely wish we could maintain this lifestyle and have me stay home until both kids are in 1st grade.  However, I would be giving up way too much if I left my job right now, my great schedule, my status & my current position.  So, I will continue to be a part-time SAHM, dreaming of it being my only career. We have a heck of a time together, the kids and I.  I'm an active mommy with a very energetic 4 year old, so we are go go go all summer long.  Here's just a small sample of our week.  Family is everything! 

 We start everyday with snuggles
We've taken swim lessons for 2 sessions, a total of 4 weeks!  This was the last day when T got to go down the slide he is normally too small for. 
 Playdates are a staple.  This is his buddy Landon at a local water pad!
 We have amembership to our local amusement park...which also has a huge water park attached.  I took the kids there alone in the evening to cool off and have some fun.  I always pack, so this is our dinner time-out.
 The fam also has a zoo membership, and I try to go once a week. Now that I have the sit n stand, it is so mch easier.  Here's T with the monkeys, and my awesome new stroller (with B inside of course)
 The best pix I could get of the two of them on the train at the zoo (I had to hold B)
You can't say "family" without mentioning our often neglected first baby, our mutt Cincy girl.
 On a stifling day, we baked! :)

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