Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buggie Turns 3 Months

Age: 3 months

Stats: no idea...I'm guessing 11.5-12 lbs, but since I don't own a scale (for my own sanity), it's a guess. 

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): still in size 1 diapers & 0-3 clothes, but I think I'll get out her 3-6 stuff next week to wash.  She can fit in some 3-6 stuff from Old Navy, it runs small. 

Sleeping: We are STTN about 5-6 nights a week, which I'll take.  She's falling asleep earlier now, around 10pm, and sleeping until at least 5, but usually 6 or 6:30am.  Then she goes back to sleep until 8.  Here's her current schedule (and yes, we actually have a schedule! whoot whoot)
sleeping 10:30-5/6am
feeding/diaper change
back to sleep until 8-8:30am
awake until about 10
nap 10-12:30-1pm
awake until 3
nap 3:30-5
awake until 7
short cat-nap
awake until bedtime

Eating: Still EBF with great success!  She has gotten rid of her clicking...which is both more comfortable for me (for obvious reasons) and better for her (no more princess puke!!!).  She's eating every 2-3 hours still, except at night, when she normally goes about 8 hours!  I've banked about 500oz+ of breast milk, and still have a month until I go back to work.  Our only concern at this point is that she sucks at the bottle, and I wish I meant literally.  We have to give her more practice, but I'm barely ever away from her long enough.  Plus, who likes to waste that beautiful frozen stash, ya know?!  But, for her Mimi's sanity when I go back to work, she needs more practice.  BF has become a breeze though, finally!

Milestones: TONS of laughing, cooing and smiling.  The best is when I go get her in the morning and she smiles at the sight of me :)  She's also finally self-soothing with sucking her thumb or palm (which is wonderful at night!).  She's STTN and on a schedule.  We're finally feeling like we can do this 2 kid thing :)

Here's a video of her "talking". :)  Don't mind my ridiculous baby voice & her hiccups!

Memorable outings: Her first time in the pool this month! (see Water Babies post)

Favorite toys/activities: bouncer, thumb/fist :), stroller and car seat (believe it or not, once she's in she's usually happy), being outside (she loves sleeping outside!), her pink & green lovie (see favorite things Month 3 edition for specifics). 

Funny moments: Explosive poop in Panera on the way back home July 4th weekend...I literally had to "bathe" her with wipes...and lots of them!  I also LOVE when T tries to get her to laugh or smile by using my words/sayings.  It's hilarious how much he picks up!

Looking forward to: Our trip to Myrtle Beach,SC is in 3 weeks, so I'm anxious to fly with her. I'm glad I'll have my parents for help, and a hand-off if necessary.  But, knowing her, she'll be asleep instantly.  She loves noise and motion.

Stay tuned for the following new posts (coming soon!): 
"Playground Etiquette", "The Age Difference Debate", "Garden Report~ Summer 2011", "Mommy Nutrition, "What are we feeding our kids" and "Finding ME Time". 

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