Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Things ~ Month 3 Edition

As is the tradition, here are the additions to my favorite things (also known as things I couldn't live without and/or I think are really awesome baby items!)  Links are included.  Hope this is helpful for you first time moms or moms-to-be:

1.  the bebepod ~ aka the poor man's bumbo

I know I'm probably gonna get called a liar, but I'm actually really glad I got this alternative to the "trendy" bumbo.  It came with the tray (the bumbo tray is extra), a toy, an insert if you don't want to use the tray & 2 custom-fit placemats.  It's great for Bryn's practice of her head control, to feed baby (our friends with a 9 month old used it when they were staying with us) and great for when mommy wants to do some laundry or go to the pool but doesn't want to hold baby the entire time.  It also has straps (which bumbo doesn't have) and, according to my bumbo-owning friends, has larger leg holes for those chunky baby thighs :)  I love it!  So all you bumbo lovers, any chance I could convert you??  Probably not, but that's okay!  I love my bebepod just the same!

2.  My awesome sit n stand stroller ~  Joovy Caboose Ultralight sit n stand in blue

I resisted buying this, as I was hoping with a 4 yo I could survive with only one lightweight stroller for B.  I was dead-wrong.  As a SAHM for the summers (and pretty much since April due to B's birth) I'm incredibly active!  We do the zoo, pool, amusement park, parks, water parks, swim lessons, gymnastics, etc etc etc.  It's imperative for me to have a spot for T to rest and "ride", as well as a spot for my infant carrier and LOTS AND LOTS of storage space for our lunch bag, beach towels, swim suits, sunscreen, my NIP cover...etc etc etc.  I adore my sit n stand!  It's lightweight, easy to maneuver, has lots of storage & has a great neoprene parent organizer.  Basically, I don't know how I lived without this baby!  I recommend spending the extra $$ on the lightweight Joovy, as every other sit n stand I tried was a huge boat & incredibly heavy!  If you have two kids that are/will be 2-4 years apart, get one of these babies! 

3.  Gilligan & O'Malley nursing tanks/bras from Target

I seriously couldn't live without these!  The tanks are awesome for under other summer tanks or clothes, great for sleeping (so when you get up to feed it's quick, easy and comfy), & when I get home from the gym, I can throw one of these on without an additional bra and be able to feed her quickly.  I'm in love with these for the comfort, price & convenience.  Plus, they come in lots of colors/sizes/variations!  Go out and get em!

4.  Bumpy Name Orbit Inchbug Labels
I was IN LOVE with these with T, and still adore them with B.  I think they're genius!  If you haven't heard of them, you need to check them out.  Although I EBF, eventually we'll be taking bottles to my MILs and to daycare.  Plus, taking sippy cups out to parties, playdates, pools, parks, etc. What better way to know what belongs to your LO than using these great tools.  They're rubber rings that you can personalize.  They fit easily & securely around any bottle or sippy, and you DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THEM OFF when you wash the bottles/cups.  They're also dishwasher safe!  I love love love them.  You can put whatever form of personalization on you want (I have their first and last name), a little icon & you can have up to two lines of text.  I have blue for T & purple for B.  I have also bought these label for countless baby gifts, once the baby is here and named so I can personlize them.  Every person I've given them to loves them!  Check them out!

5.  Shoe socks

After two kids, I have realized how completely RIDICULOUS and unnecessary shoes are for babies that are not mobile.  You might MAYBE use shoes when a baby is crawling and pulling up, but that's about as early as is worth it.  Those NB and size 1 or 2 shoes are not necessary (although they are adorable!). I had so many pairs with T, and didn't use but 1.  So instead, try "shoe socks".  You can get them just about anywhere, target, meijer, walmart, baby stores, online, wherever. 

6.  JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Pod
For you mommies of 2+ this is a savior.  Instead of carrying around a gigantic diaper bag full of stuff, I attach this with the snap on the top handle to my stroller and take it everywhere we go.  It always has the following in it:  the changing pad that comes with it, a wipes container, 3 diapers (at least), sunscreen, some type of toy or lovie & my lipgloss :)  It's perfect, just enough to get me through a day at the zoo, in a restaurant or at the pool.  It's also waterproof.  I love it!  There are other patterns available, this is just the one we have currently.  Love!

Just a few more of my favorite baby products.  Hope you've enjoyed my Month 3 edition.  Stay tuned for more next month! :) And just for kicks, here's a pix of our princess.  It's not the best photo, she was not cooperating with mommy, and refusing to smile, but at least I got them done on time.

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