Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Sports of all Sorts

Ty and his summer activities are in full swing now.  We (or I should say I...because it's definitely me that is finding and signing up) enroll him in a bunch of sports and camps both for him, and for ME.  It's really nice for him to still have some interaction with his peers on a regular basis, since he's out of daycare/preschool for the summer, but it's also nice for me to have some set events to entertain him throughout the week.  This summer we're enrolled in swim lessons, soccer &; gymnastics.  I'm also contimplating enrolling him in a week-long half-day camp at our local community center later in the summer.  So good!  He seems to be enjoying the sports, kids &; teachers.  It's good to keep him entertained and on-the-move, since it's much harder for mommy to play, swim and run around with him when I have an infant in tow.  I'm still learning how to juggle everything & everyone, but we're figuring it out day-by-day.

Here are a few pix:

Our excited little man before his first soccer practice

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