Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Skewed View

So I know I'm not quite back to my normally pre-baby bod, but I have to admit, I wasn't feeling horrible about my progress.  Given I have two kids at home alone all day, I was feeling pretty positive about my efforts to workout.  Eating right...most of the time...but with BF, I'm hungry...and I indulge a bit too much.  I know it's harder getting the weight off and the body back after the second baby, and I was feeling pretty sure I was gonna get there one day.  Until...I had to find a dress to wear for a wedding.  I had such a skewed view of my progress, so I thought, one of these cute dresses is gonna HAVE TO fit.  Was I ever DEAD WRONG!  I'd like to think it's only my "cup-runneth-over" chest that's the problem (and a big problem at that, considering I was once barely an A/B but am now a healthy C), but it seems I have myself a little belly bump as well to tend with.  ::sigh::  So,  I have taken a bit of a step back in my emotional progress towards accepting my post-baby body.  Why is it so much harder this time?  I mean, I gained LESS weight with Bryn, and worked out my entire pregnancy (I was at the gym the day before I went into labor).  Am I stuck this way forever??  ::double sigh::

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