Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Colossal Stroller Mistake

I've made a mistake!

This admission alone is monumental. 

Let me give you a little back story.  Before we were blessed via our RE with our little miracle #2, we already owned 4 strollers.  Yes folks, 4, for just our little man, ONE child!  We had our larger first stroller that had the infant carrier attachment, 2 umbrella strollers (one for each car), and my performance baby jogger.  This wasn't completely ridiculous, as each stroller had its specific purpose and place.  When we were expecting Brynleigh, I had decided that I hated my umbrella stroller.  The parent cup holder always fell off and it was a bear to maneuver with any sort of weight on it, and the basket sucked.  So...I picked out a smooth riding combi for my umbrella stroller.  It also had an attachment for the infant carrier, so I thought I was consolidating. 

 Combi Stroller #1
Baby Jogger Performance (that I still love!)

 Umbrella Stroller (mine)
**Not Pictured:  Hubby's jeep umbrella stroller**

Here's what I thought would work...Ty was going to be 4 so I thought he'd never want to ride.  That would mean Bryn and her carrier would be in the stroller, a new combi that was small and easy to drive, fold & carry.  On the small chance that he WOULD want to ride, I could carry Bryn in my Ergo or wrap and push him.  This would save me the financial burden of buying a double or sit n stand, and also save me the headache of doing the research on what to pick (as I take that part pretty seriously, never buying unless I have read countless reviews). 

New combi

So now this gets me to the present.  After trying out other options at the zoo, local amusement park, pool, parks, walks, etc...I MADE A COLOSSAL MISTAKE!  I should have bought a sit n stand right at the beginning, and not the combi.  Although, I reason with myself like this...soon Ty really won't want to ride, but Bryn will be 2 or 3 still riding, so that combi will come in handy as my umbrella stroller.  But...

in 5-7 business days...I will be the proud owner of this...

and I am so excited!  After trying one out personally at Buy Buy Baby, I know it will make my life much easier for this and next summer.  A full year of use is good enough for me.  So for those of you with new LO's...when you think about another...if he/she is 2.5 or older, get a sit n stand!  That's my 2 cents!


  1. Wow a sit and stand stroller... I've never heard of that but it looks awesome!

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