Monday, June 6, 2011

6/7 Weeks old...just a bit late

Blogger was preventing me from logging on for a few days, so I missed Brynleigh's 6 week check we'll make it a 6/7 week check in instead:

Age: now 7 weeks

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We finally moved to size 1 diapers after a couple blow-outs in the NB.  I think we're going to switch to Luvs, as they work for her after trying them out for a bit

Sleeping: She had her first STTN while the Faulkner family was in town on 06/02, she slept from midnight till 6am!  It hasn't happened since, but last night she did make it till 5am.  We are hoping we're making some progress and figuring out her schedule.  We now make sure I feed her before 9:30pm, and if she falls asleep after 10, we put her down for the night instead of fighting to keep her awake. 

Eating: BF is going well, and she's taking a bottle like a champ, since I've been away from her for a few feedings here and there lately (especially when I was back to work for 4 days).  I think she's eating about 3-3.5 oz now per feeding, and sometimes eats from both sides too.  I'm still freezing 6-10oz a day.

Milestones: Bryn is so much more alert, is cooing and smiles in response to my face and me talking to her now multiple times a day.  It's wonderful to see.
The most depresing thing right now is her baby acne.  We have a pretty severe case going on...she has it everywhere, including her neck, ears, head and and shoulders.  I know it doesn't hurt her...but I still feel bad for her.  I'm also selfishly hating how it looks on her. :(  It started around 6 weeks, and we're still battling it.

Memorable outings: We took her to the lake when she was 6 weeks, so that was fun.  We also took her to the pool for her first dip & to Kings Island and Boomerang Bay this weekend. 

Favorite toys/activities: She still prefers our arms to anything, but she can be soothed by the bouncer, a CD in the car (she falls asleep in the car every time), and I just started putting her in her crib to watch the ocean wonders machine.  Bryn also enjoys laying on our legs looking up at us.  That is her preferred position.

Nicknames: my new ones are mamacita and Brynleigh Bug
Funny moments: her reaction to the pool was pretty funny, and when I buzz my lips and make a car engine sound her eyes get really big (like a shocked look).  Addison, Lisa's daughter, was also adorable with Bryn, cooing and talking to her. 

A NBR moment:  Tyler called Addison his girlfriend and they pretended to call each other and make a date.

Looking forward to: her next Dr appt on 6/13, to see how much she weighs

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