Friday, June 10, 2011

Out of the Mouth of a Preschooler

I could write forever on the funny or cute phrases/sayings/antics of our spunky boy.  Here are a few new ones (I'll add as they happen...this will be an ongoing post since it's hard to come up with these moments unless they're on the fly):

When mommy and Ty are in the car together, T-man has picked up on mommy's Chi-town road-rage and now says things like "awe come on lady", "pick it up dude", "what's with this guy", "get moving"  (at least it's not swear words or inappropriate hand signs :) )

"Don't make me come in there"

"You're my best mom/dad/sister ever"

"Mommy, Cincy (our dog) just pooped!  We need a wipe"

"awwww, rock on!" (after putting together a tough puzzle)

while doing some imaginative play..."sometimes bad guys do win"

"I'm going to teach that guy a lesson"

"Well that's a bummer"

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