Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The Lou" comes to town

This past weekend my BFF, Lisa, and her family of 4 (Bob, Addison 5, & Lucas 4) headed up to the 'nasti from the Lou to hang out with the Scherman Family Four.  We knew we had to overplan for this "spirited" clan of kiddos, so that's exactly what we did.  It ended up being a perfect weekend of bonding fun.  I seriously don't think it could have gone more smoothly, especially when you have 4 strong-minded adults, 3 active preschoolers & a newborn to speak of.  We had lots of outside fun in our yard, at our neighborhood pool and a full day exploring the amusement park in our area.  Kings Island was a day of activities, as we tried out Boomerang Bay, the waterpark, in the morning & went to ride rides at Kings Island in the afternoon/evening.  Although I was tethered to Bryn most of the trip, I got a few hours to ride rides with the clan when my in-laws watched little mama.  The kids had a blast, and we had a great time watching them experience new things.  We can't wait for our trip to the Lou soon! son is in love :)  He was so cute following Addison around all weekend, and openly called her his "girlfriend".  If only courting was that easy.  Arranged marriage anyone?!?

Oh and a shout-out to our men for letting Lisa and I run together at one point this weekend.  It was fun to get a moment away to talk, and sweat...a lot :)

 Pool Day!!

 The Morning @ Boomerang Bay
 Yes, I allowed my little guy to go down this HUGE slide!  What was I thinking??
 Ty is coming down the slide (top right)

 My boys on the rollercoaster

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