Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post-Partum Body: An Update

 As I've mentioned in previous posts...I thought I was doing pretty well with getting my post-baby body back, considering I am a mommy of 2 all alone M-F.  But...I've been stalled out a bit, and struggling with my emotions on my lack of progress.  So to remind myself how far I've come...I put together this post.

36 hours after birth
 4 days post birth
 2 weeks PP
 3 weeks PP
 1 Month PP
 5 weeks PP

6 weeks PP

7 weeks PP
 9 weeks PP

Although half my wardrobe is  pipe-dream...I'm trying to stay positive. 

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  1. You look wonderful!! I'm 9 weeks pp and I still look 4 months pregnant!


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