Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Favorite Things ~ Month 2 Edition

1. My new wrap...Lovey Duds from Etsy!  It's light-weight, made of bamboo, stretchy & good for the summer.  I am really TRYING to avoid buying a sit n stand stroller...but I think I might have to cave...even with an Ergo & a new wrap.  But, as far as wraps are concerned, this one is the bees-knees, IMHO!

2.  Protect-a-Bub 3-in-1 sunshade! 
Being a mommy of 2, it's beyond my control that little girl will be outside in the heat and sun this summer.  I have an almost 4 year old to entertain.  So, since most strollers & infant carriers have pretty lame sun shades, I was on the hunt for a nice big extender.  I love this one because you can use it 3 ways, hence the 3-in-1, duh!  I highly recommend!!  Definitely worth the dinero!

3. Lovie ~ Nummy Animal bankys ~ lamb
It was given to us as a gift for Bryn, and I think it's the cutest thing.  Brynleigh already likes to cuddle up with it when she lays in her crib to watch her ocean wonders aquarium, when I'm doing something upstairs.
Scene Weaver Pickles Nummy Animal Snuggly Banky, 16 X 16"
4.  Safe and secure summer video monitor + extra camera 
We hadn't planned on buying a new monitor, because we had a great video monitor, and had just planned on adding a camera to the mix (a much cheaper option).  However, my hubby and his "superpowers" (or just his ability to have major static electricity) shocked the hell outta our old one, and it was never the same.  So, since we had no choice, I did my research trying to find a system that allowed us to not only see but also hear both kids in both rooms.  The summer video monitors haven't let us down yet, but our only concern in the past was randoms picking up our signal and being able to see in our little guy's room.  So...summer came out with this newer option that eliminated that possibility.  We also have the ability to click from room to room to see and check on the kiddos.  The picture is great too!  It's "secure" because you need to "sync" the monitor and any extra cameras (up to 4 total)...instead of just choosing an A or B frequency.  It's awesome!

5. Amazon Mom
Can you say 300 diapers for 26 bucks?!?  This is why I love well as the free shipping, great choice of products, weekly deals/sales, free enrollement into amazon prime & the ease of diapers appearing on your doorstep once a month, or more or less frequently if needed.  Love it!  It's much easier and faster than saving up coupons or doing pampers points (which takes FOREVER!!).  Highly recommended!  I'm amazon obsessed anyway!

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