Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Madness

Oh May, how I hate to love you! 

As a teacher, May is a very exciting, frustrating road block between the school year and mecca...summer!  This year it was an extra pain-in-the-butt.  Our house fought a very nasty virus for over 3 weeks.  It went from B to T to me and back to T and B...and it wouldn't go away!!!  On Tuesday-Thursday of last week, I was feverish and teaching wrapped up in a blanket.  What a teacher does to make sure her kids don't fall behind.  I felt horrible!  Thank God for my Mommy, who was in town helping us out.  My MIL has a very horrible injury, so she has been unable to watch B the past few weeks.  B has been shuffled between daycare and one of us being home for a few weeks now.  My mom came to Ohio to help us out for 4 days, and it was perfect timing.  I was so sick, so it was nice to have MY MOMMY there to take care of me, and help me with the kids.   Thanks Mom!

On top of the icky virus, school has been all-consuming.  With projects, finals, grading, kids begging for extra credit, and parents calls, it's a very hard time.  I pulled three 13 hour days last week trying to get it all done.  Being away from my babies was very hard, but I just had to tell myself that by the same time next week, I was going to be a SAHM of two!!! :) 

On top of normal end-of-the-school year crap, I am also in the process of moving classrooms.  It's amazing how much you can accumulate in 6 years.  I am moving up 2 floors, and had to do it all by myself.  Needless to say, I was THE WORST mom this week.  But I got through it.  Today is my first day of summer. Woo Hoo!!!  Unfortunately, I have to go into work again a few times this week to finish up the move, but grades are done:)

So...here's what we've been up to during this crazy month called May:

Lake time!
 B wasn't a fan of the chilly lake
 But both kids were big fans of the warmer wading pool

 T was obsessed with going on the jet ski
 Me and baby girl
 T and Daddy went tubing
 B's first slice of watermelon was a hit
 Quality time with Grams and Granddad
 We had an early bonfire so T could help build it and eat smores:)

T graduated from Preschool:)

My handsome boy!

 T is front right next to his "girlriend" Kaityln <3

Where was mommy?  Yes, that's right...I missed his preschool graduation!  Epic Mom Fail!!  I was devastated!  But I had to graduate from high school...for the 7th time...  As a high school teacher, it's a good show of dedication if you participate in graduation.  I committed, then a few weeks later, we got the invitation in the mail for T's graduation.  I was so sad:(  Luckily, I have a super Daddy for a hubby!  Love you, babe!  Thank God for pictures and our flipvideo. 

Now that summer's here...my blog will finally get back on track.  There are big changes on tap for Running Through Parenthood, like a brand new look.  :)  Hope you'll come back to visit again. 

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad to see you back! I always loved it when my mom was off for the summer!

  2. I feel your pain about May. I have one last work day between me and Mecca! We will get together soon!


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