Monday, June 18, 2012

A SAHM Party

My BFF from HS, Lisa, lives with her family in St. Louis.  She has a lawyer-ing, triathlete hubby and two cute kiddos that I love so much.  Unfortunately, her hubby had to stay and work, but Lisa, Addison (6) and Lucas (5) came for a visit during the week last week.  We got to be SAHMs together, with four kiddos ranging 1-6 in one house, traveling in one car.  It was a zoo, but the kids had an incredible time playing together, and Lisa and I got to catch up, run together (bonus, thanks honey) and parent together.  I hope we continue to make these trips back and forth a summer tradition.  Here's my photo dump of their trip to the 'Nasti:

Build-your-own Frozen Yogurt after T's baseball game
 Water pad fun @ a local park

Target trip...yes please!  Me seeing what it would be like to have four kids.  :)
 I don't think Bob reads my blog, so Lucas said "don't show this picture to Daddy because he gets mad when Mommy buys me toys". lol!  You're secret's safe with me, buddy! :)  Lucas was the king of Legos!  I was so impressed at his skills
 Yes, Addison and T got a new toy also, sorry Dads
Backyard sprinkler, sand table and playground
 Oh yeah...we were there too:)  Not the best self-portrait...but we tried:)
 Addison was a great "big sister" to B

 Our monkeys
Firepit dinner roasting their own hot dogs

 don't forget the yummy smores :)
 The adults got in on the fun too.  Who can refuse a smore!

 Fun times were had by all, we got to run together, have a few cocktails, watch some really bad reality TV (you're welcome Bob) and watch our kiddos play for hours.  It was truly a gift of three days.  I love my friends, and being away from all of them is very hard.  I'm grateful we all make time for each other, travel far to spend time together and keep in touch after all these years.  Love you, Lis!  I can't wait for the next adventure!

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  1. Aww!!! It was a great trip! We miss you guys and can't wait to do it again. Maybe next year you can be brave and drive to the Lou for some sahm days here next summer!!! ;) see you in October for the marathon!!! Love you!!!

  2. It looks like everyone had an awesome time - I can't even imagine the chaos with 4 kiddos! :)

  3. Looks like soo much fun!!! I am jealous! None of my friends have kiddos! I'm the odd man out LOL!


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