Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Birthday & A Baptism: Part I

We had a very exciting and action-packed weekend.  My parents came into town on Friday, we had T's 5th birthday party on Saturday, followed by pizza with the family at our house, and both kids were baptized on Sunday.  Monday was T's actual birthday, so we tried to do some special things with him.  This will be a gigantic photo dump...so brace yourselves:)  I'll just start with his superhero birthday party.  It was the first party I've thrown for him in an alternate location.  My hubs and I agreed we would be able to veto one location each, he chose the house (damn) and I chose the devil known as Chuckie Cheese (double ick).  We settled on a local place that has an indoor jungle gym, with tubes, slides and the like that is about 3 stories high.  Additionally, we got access to their "gym", which had trampolines, a bounce house, a vault and sponge pit, mats, ropes you could swing on, etc.  It was a big hit with the kids.  Although I didn't relinquish complete control, still buying knick-knacks, snacks for the adults, balloons and making his cake, it was decidedly easier than my huge themed fetes of late. 

This was T modeling all the superhero gear I bought the kids;  Captain America mask, spider man and batman bracelets, a green lantern ring
 My attempt at a superhero cake (thanks Mom for the help with the bat design!) and I got 2" superheros to put on top of the cupcakes
 T insisted on wearing his hair like this...lol
 Our party room

 Provided favors by the location
 The gym portion of the party, the slides and tubes were too hard to photograph

 Even B got in on the fun:)

 The kiddos with their masks

 Even the adults dug the masks:)
 T and his buddies (and girlfriends...::giggle::)

 Putting his hand on the birthday wall

And the festivities, and present-opening with the fam afterwards...
 Thanks Aunt Cindy & Uncle Brent for making our boy Optimus Prime:)

 B made a friend, too, little Liliana (a family friend's 3rd child)

It was a perfect, family and fun-filled day.  I hope it gave him wonderful memories!

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