Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nifty & Thrifty Thursday

So I'm going to start a new summer series titled "Nifty & Thrifty" Thursday.  I'm a little nervous...but excited!  Hopefully you'll all come participate.  The premise is that if you see a deal that week, you take note (maybe even some pictures) and share it with the blog-o-sphere, so that we might all benefit.  I'm a sucker for deals!  In the summer, I become an even better couponer, deal-spotter, money-saver, because, well...I have time:) 

The deals you find don't have to be on baby or pregnancy items.  They can be household items, groceries, ways to save on diy projects, crafts, fun cheap ways to entertain your kiddos...whatever your little heart desires.  Just be creative, and come share!  Use pinterest ideas, even, if you find something share-worthy that you tried yourself.
Don't forget to add my Nifty & Thrifty button to your post, then come back and read other entries.  The button can be found on my Thursday posts, or on the sidebar. 

Nifty & Thrifty Thursday

I'm sure it will take a few weeks to get things in full swing.  But if you participate, I'm sure others will too.  Submissions will be accepted until Sunday!  Tell your friends!  I appreciate your support. Plus, I think this will be fun and informative.   

I have two kids of different ages and genders, so I'm going to try to find something to fit both kiddos each week.  So here's my first Nifty & Thrifty post...

For the Pre-K+:
$4.99 flip flops @ Kohls from sizes 6-7 toddler to 4-5 boys
They were also 20% off and I had Kohls cash!  Score!
Helpful hint: They are in the boys/girls clothing section....NOT in shoes!  So they're hidden a bit.
Adorable styles in boys and girls, cheap and comfortable (or so says T).  I don't know about you but T goes through shoes like water.  This cheap and cute find was very exciting!  I also thought they were better quality than the run-of-the-mill Old Navy. 
Here are the two I got T ~

For the Waddler:
Stearns Swim Vest @ Target
Up to 30 lbs, for level 1-2 swimmers
15% off & there was a $5.00 coupon in our weekly Target mailer!!'s super super cute!  B will look adorable, and Mama will feel much more calm near the water this summer.
Also, if anyone would like to cohost with me each week, send me an email to klscherman at gmail dot com.

Happy Bargain Hunting! :) :)

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  1. This is a great idea! I will have to keep my eyes open next week!

  2. This is a great idea - if I had small children, I would be over here every Thursday before the weekend shopping trips!

    I'm here from the Bloggy Moms blog hop. I'm following you on Twitter and I've "Like"d your page on Facebook. Have a great weekend!


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