Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nifty & Thrifty Thursday: Week 2

Thanks for joining me for my new summer linky party.  Lets share ideas for ways to save, and still do creative, fun, useful things.  Your post can be new or old.  There are not many rules, except you link up a relevant post below, grab my button (on the right sidebar) to place in your post, and come back to read other ideas. 
Nifty & Thrifty Thursday
This week's Nifty & Thrifty idea is a way I've been saving money entertaining my kiddos for a couple of summers now...yearly county park passes!   We are very blessed to have an incredible park system where we live.  For only $10 for the entire calendar year I can take my kiddos to 3 water pads/water features, 2 petting zoos, horseback and buggy rides, trails, enchanted forests, free arts and crafts and nature walks, little tyke hikes, 12 and under fishing competions, 2 butterfly gardens, more parks than I can count, paddleboating, fishing, driving remote controlled cars/sailboats, playbarns, huge treehouses, and more.  Not to mention, there are family-friend free concert series, weekly movie nights, beer and wine tasting events and murder mysteries for the adults and much much more.  Exploring the park systems has been so much fun!!  This is our third summer buying a pass, and we still haven't hit all the fun parks and features yet.  It's also perfect, affordable fun for when company comes in.  If you can fit all your company in one car (which I did with  my bff and her 2 kids...gotta love a third seat) there is no need to buy another pass.  We had fun for 2 adults and four kids at our fingertips.  There is lots of variety, countless opportunities for exercise and fun for all ages.  Do your research, buy yourself a pass and get exploring.  You'll love it!  Summer rocks!

Here are a few pictures of features found at the park system we buy & some photos of us enjoying them:)

 Water pads
 Buggy Rides
Summer Fun @ our local parks!  So affordable and neverending exploring!!!

What are your cost-saving ideas, new coupons, great deals, fun and cheap crafts for kids?!  Come share!!!

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  1. Those photos are awesome! We have some great parks here as well, and I can't wait to do some exploring this summer. Maybe see some movies. They offer free kids movies on Tuesday mornings at the local theater. So fun!

  2. Nothing great to link up this week, but I need to find some these parks. Better yet, we can go together!

  3. Those parks look great! We have a zoo pass and it is amazing!


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