Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday ~ Nuk Saves the Day!

After trying countless new and "hip" binkies, to no avail, I stumbled upon a free classic NUK that I got in the mail when DS was a baby.  I thought, heck, I'll try anything to stop the shrieking!  And what do you know...
Five minutes later, she was fast asleep.  I'm not getting too excited just yet, but I'm sending the NUK to her Mimi's house, hoping it will work miracles for her as well, then I'll be running out to Target to get a few more!  Fingers crossed!


  1. I'm glad you found something that works. We've had zero luck in this department as well. Maybe I should try a Nuk?

  2. Nuk paci's saved my life! I was using Avent and they were falling out of E's mouth ALL night long and I was getting zero sleep. I was at the grocery store one day (a small one, not one like Target with a big baby section) and needed a few extra to stick in the freezer for teething, and just had to grab these because they're all they had. I have never looked back! They fit her face perfectly, stay in because they're more of an upturned nipple shape, and they're actually pretty cute :)


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