Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy Muscle Tip #2

Last week I started a new series about getting fit and healthy as a busy mommy.  As a working mommy of two, and a career runner, I think I've figured out a way to be successful.  How am I an "expert"?  I'm not!  But, check out my first "Mommy Muscle" post:  Tip #1:  Make Workout Time a Priority in Your Life, to hear my back-story. 

Tip #2 came from my experiences at the beach on our vacation this week.  I have to admit, I was dreading having to traipse around in my suit all week long in front of strangers.  I knew I wasn't back to my "original" self, and some of my mommy bits are still jiggling away.  After stretching my skin two times now, my skin hasn't exactly snapped back into place like it did after just T, my belly button is a funky shape, and don't get me started on my hips and saddle-bags.  Now I have to make myself clear here, because I am very blessed with good genes.  I am naturally a tall, thin person, and I'm blessed I have snapped back as well as I have thus far.  I also work very hard to stay fit, before, during and after my pregnancies.  I am a workout-aholic.  But...I enjoy it!  (I know, it's a illness)  However, I have started comparing myself to my former self.  This is a big no-no on the post baby body front.  I know this, but I have still fallen into the trap yet again.  So, from these unhealthy thoughts came...
Tip #2:  Don't You Dare Compare

As cheesy as it is, your body has just done an amazing and beautiful thing.  You have made life!  You have also put your body through a traumatic event.  Pregnancy and childbirth are HARD on your body!  It may not take 9 months to get it back, or it may take more, but looking like your pre-pregnancy self IS POSSIBLE!  However, you can't compare yourself to YOURSELF, or others. 

For you mommies of one, things will snap back faster.  For us mommies of 2+, we tend to compare ourselves to you.  It is a different experience recovering from the subsequent pregnancies. 

Unfortunately, some things might not return to "normal".  This is just a fact.  Your boobs after nursing will become deflated balloons, your hips might be more "womanly", your hair might fall out, residual skin blemishes (read stretchmarks, veins, ingrown hairs, etc) might not disappear. 

Here's the good news, you WILL feel like yourself again!  Once you get your body back completely, take ownership of it back 100% (after nursing is over and the baby becomes more independent), things will get better.  You may have to accept a new "normal", but it will be okay.

Just take my advice...DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE yourself to your former self (at least not yet) or to others. You will drive yourself crazy!!   

Here's me being bold...

Post T (he was 6 weeks old here)

  When T was 9 months old (remember it's after pregnancy #1 and clearly still nursing...hence the "girls")

22 months PP - finally myself (post nursing!)

Almost 3 years PP (and post training for a half-ironman & marathon)

Now (almost 4 months PP #2)...definitely still nursing (see those "girls" again) and my fab birthing hips and new more "womanly" shape. 


  1. I think you look great! I wasn't up for a bikini pre pregnancy let alone now!!!

  2. You look fantastic! Tankini's were my choice pre-baby and once I get back to where I was pre-baby I will be wearing a bikini despite the jiggles and such.

  3. Honestly, you look better now, than ever, and I bet your husband thinks so, too. I was always so worried that my husband liked me to be really thin, but he makes more positive comments about the way I look now, than ever. The milk boobs definitely help :)


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