Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Surviving...& Some Random Working Mommy Tips

Here's some advice for those mommies that plan to go back to work after having your baby...or maybe you're already a working mom.  Follow along with TAT and get some more great mommy advice!

I'm now officially a WORKING MOM of 2 kids and....I'm EXHAUSTED!  I've survived my first full week back, but just barely.  I'm deep into week 2, and starting to get things figured out.  So in honor of my new "status" as a full-time teacher, mom and wife...I've come up with my Working Mom's Bible: Rules to Make Life Easier.  I figure I'll add to it as I go, as I am not even close to a vet after a week.  Here goes:

1.  Streamline your routine.  Do as many things the night before as you possibly can.  I am an organization whore, so this is right up my alley.  The night before I do all of the following: wash pump parts and set up for morning pump session, lay out all new pump accessories needed for work, make sure coffee is ready in coffeemaker (just press "on" ready), lay out clothes for myself and T, pack B's bag and put in hub's car, make my lunch, pack gym bag (if needed) and put in my car, set up makeup on counter, have "reminder" list of things to not forget taped on garage door or bathroom mirror.
2.  Think one step ahead at all times.  I'm always multi-tasking when I get home.  If I go upstairs to change, I take all the dirty clothes from myself, B & T from the day and throw in the hamper and lay out the clothes for the next day, pjs/bath stuff for that night & makeup while I'm up there.  If I'm making dinner, I make my lunch at the same time, so as to condense the mess and time away from my kids.  If I go out for the mail, I take B's bag out to the car.  Always one step ahead.
3. Do as much mealprep beforehand as possible.  I like crockpot recipes, defrost meat ahead of time, prep extra chicken or rice on Monday for Wednesday's meal, plan leftovers for lunch, and always grocery shop on the weekend.  I also plan meals for the week, so I'm not scratching my head wondering what to make when I'm dead tired.
4. Workout, do chores or clean BEFORE you sit down on your couch.  You'll never get back up.  Nuf said.
5.  Let a few things go.  I just can't find time to clean during the week.  It's just not possible.  So I try not to let the nasty toilet that both boys use bother me so much (okay, it bothers me...but I'm not a superwoman...I just can't justify cleaning the toilets when I could be cuddling with my babies). 
6.  Keep your house as clean and organized as you can, but clean it up on Sunday night and try to maintain little things all week, don't do a big clean during the week.  I'm much happier when I come home after work and don't have a nightmare to walk into.  It's a routine of mine and hubs to pick up before we go to bed.  It keeps me sane.  My main part of my house is definitely picked up before bed.  My bedroom....well...that's another story ::blushes:: 
7.  Leave work, at work!  This is a hard one for me, especially as a teacher with lots of grading, but I have brought home work so many times and I just can't justify sitting down to grade when I could be playing with the kids or resting to recharge and be "on" for the kids the next day.  I am very efficient during my prep and before/after school, so I can leave that grading there (most of the time!) :)
8.  Encourage your childcare provider to send you updates/texts/pictures on days you can't be with your LO.  This helps me get through the day, especially when leaving a small baby.  My daycare also has cameras so I can check on T, if I feel the need.  It really brightens my day to get that picture text from my MIL and see B is happy and being loved!

Check back with the fam for more tips...
And if you feel like this...

you're not alone!  Hang in there!


  1. These tips are great! Especially to let things go. That has made a huge difference. :)

  2. Totally feel like that picture and I only have one! Thanks for the tips!


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