Monday, August 15, 2011

Milestone Monday

Besides our trip down to Myrtle, and quite an eventful trip on her first airplane, B had a big week!  We moved her to her crib and into her own room, just shy of 4 months.  Given this is probably our last baby, I cried like one!  The cradle is still set up by my bed.  I'm just not ready to accept it completely just yet :(  B, however, is doing great.  When I went in to wake her the first morning, she had her feet propped up and her hands behind her head, clearly doing just fine. 
 We have watched her fascination with her feet for a couple weeks now.  This week, B finally got those cute toes into her mouth. 
T also had a big week on vacation.  He is becoming such a big boy so fast!  Our little man conquered the boogie board, and was an ace in the ocean!  He also was an incredible swimmer this week, flipping both forwards and backwards in the water and diving down in the five feet to retrieve objects.  Quite the fish!   

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