Thursday, May 10, 2012

Standing UP to Her Big Brother

I wanted to properly document that B stood by herself yesterday.  :)  Big milestone!  :)

Now it wasn't under the most "glamorous" circumstances ::cough:: McDonalds Playland ::cough, cough:: but I was excited just the same.

Unfortunately, I was a single parent last night, hubs was out golfing, so I didn't have my camera (or even my cell phone) handy when the moment occurred.  Darn it. 

B is convinced she already knows how to walk.  She doesn't.  But her newest thing is running, yes running, while holding my fingers.  I look like a complete goober trying to balance her and run alongside her quick self.  When she gets out of the car, she demands to be put down and WALK with me to the mailbox everyday.  It takes us until dinnertime to get down and back up.  I sometimes don't have the patience for it. 

Regardless, B doesn't want to waste her time on crawling anymore.  That's so juvenile.  ::eye roll:: She wants to frolick with her big brother, run after him, run away from him and WALK up and down and up and down the McDonalds Playland slide (with my help of course) a million and one times.  Man, can that get O.L.D.  ::sigh::

Either way, we're very close to calling this little girl a walker...or perhaps a runner.  ::gulp::

And the girl is obsessed with pointing!  I can almost never tell what she's pointing to, because when I get to the subject of her pointing, she usually turns around and points to something else.  It's just loads of fun.  Cute, nonetheless! 

Happy almost Friday!

B says "you" should have a great end of you week!

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  1. B is flying right past my little munchkin. He is still showing no interest in walking. I guess he figures he can get places faster by crawling.


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