Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PYHO: Why Don't You Like This, Darn it?!

I don't know why this bothers me.  Maybe it's because I've always wanted a little girl to play dolls and Barbies with.  Maybe I just hoped for a relief from balls and rough housing and matchbox cars.  Maybe it's because I always loved and cared for them as a child.  But for some reason...

my little girl doesn't like stuffed animals!  Period.   

I know she's only 12 months.  I realize she might latch onto a "lovie" at some point in the near future.  However, right now, I can't even get her to cozy up with a blanket.  No blanket to snuggle, no favorite stuffed animal to hold or carry around, no dolly to love on, no favorite soother (besides binky and her hair).  Nothing. 

Even my son had a "lovie", he still does.  He has a favorite blanket and good ole "buddy" (and all the buddy clones that we bought for replacements).  Buddy has been through the ringer.  There is a buddy bear at Mimi and Papas, one at daycare, and one in his bed.  I also have a back-up Buddy Bear in T's closet.  If Buddy disappeared, it would probably be world-crashing.  T also loves his "guys", as he calls them.  All his doggies, bears, dinosaurs, etc come up and down the stairs almost every day.  He has to be surrounded by them at night.  God forbid we can't find one of them.  He will know, and bedtime won't be easy.

Here's baby T with his Buddy Bear.
So why is it so heartbreaking that baby B hasn't taken to any of the lovie possibilities I have offered? 

I don't know. 

All I know bothers me.  I get sad and disappointed.  I start to look into her preference for balls and cars to her frilly pink and purple toys.  I hear stories of other moms who have their girls cradling dolls and pretending to fill their purses.  I worry I won't get the girlie girl I had hoped for. 

I know that's not a big deal.  I'm a great boy mom.  I love sports, competition, getting dirty and all that good stuff.  I would be full of pride if B decided she preferred softball to dance.  I would be okay with it.  Eventually.

Right now, I still offer her the snuggly purple puppy I bought for her, the cute lion lovie blanket, the snuggly fluffy blankie, the "my first dolly", and I hope this time she will take to it. 

Isn't this the cutest?  So why doesn't she like it?!?  ::snif::
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  1. Aw, she's still so young- this could definitely change!

  2. My girls are definitely combinations of girly girls and tom boys. They love all sports and team things. No dance for them. They also love (loved in my oldest's cases) playing dolls and school and house. My oldest daughter always had an assortment of lovies, but no favorite. My youngest daughter was hair twirler at the the beginning- drove me crazy - she was practically bald on the twirling side of her head. She eventually at around 2.5 switched over to a lovie. She doesn't have a special one she just uses some of the ones that are around (sometimes even the ones that I bought for her with high hopes as a baby)!

    Don't worry there is hope yet!

    1. Interesting that your daughter twirled her hair too. I was wondering if she'd grow out of it. 2.5 seems so far away. We try all the time to get her to stop, but it's how she soothes herself. Catch 22.

  3. Awww - maybe she just needs to grow into loving on her purple puppy. It IS very cute :)

    Andrew doesn't really have a lovey, although he does really seem to love his little plush armadillo that I bought for him in Texas. It's hilarious how excited he gets when he sees it.


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