Monday, November 14, 2011

Milestone Monday: 7 Months & a Post-it

First let me tell you a very important milestone we hit yesterday...B said mama!  I was so excited!!!  She said it multiple times, and even my hubby agreed I wasn't crazy.  I'm in LOVE!!!  See below stats for more milestones from B.
T got ANOTHER "post it" home from preschool, with the same "problems".  See my post-it nightmare post for background.  We are working hard to correct his behavior.  He's an exausting 4 year old BOY...ALL BOY!  What can I say, he's spirited.  He is going to attend a middle school basketball game with his Papa this week to field rebounds.  That's a big milestone for him.  He has a new shooting shirt Papa got him to wear.  He's so excited about it that he asked to wear it to school today.  We are also starting to transition out of taking naps ::gulp::  It's just more of a struggle than it's worth sometimes.  He had his first "quiet time" with a movie on the couch in our basement.  It went fairly smoothly.  Ty also left his room to go potty on own for the first time.  Good step in finally ridding ourselves of those pesky pull-ups (God willing)

Here are B's recent monthly stats:

Age: 7 months (wow...time flies!)

Stats: not sure...gotta get her on that scale.  She's definitely filling out and growing out of her 6 month clothes finally.

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Still in size 2 diapers.  We have one more "sleeve" of 2's left from our Amazon mom shipment, but we have a box of 3s in reserve.  I'll probably move her over to 3s when the 2s are gone.  She's basically grown out of her 3-6 months stuff, and some of her 6 month stuff still fits (here and there).  I have started substituting in her 6-9 or 9 month stuff slowly, but it's still big on her.

Sleeping: She wakes up for her binky 1-2 times per night.  I usually shake hubby awake to give it back to her, because if she sees me it becomes boob time!  I long for the day when she can retrieve that binky and pop it back in on her own.  She's sleeping from 8:30 - 5am still, and goes back to sleep till 8 or 8:30am on the weekend.  No change really here.  B is still sleeping on her back with her hands above her head or in her hair. 

Eating: Still BF and still maintaining 9-10 bags of milk on reserve in our freezer.  I'm feeling great about how we're doing.  Here feeding schedule is as follows:
BF 5/5:30am
BF/bottle 9/9:30 am & cereal (2T + some organic fruit)
BF/bottle 12:30/1pm
BF 4/4:30pm
baby food (2 cubes) - tonight it's a new food...PEARS! 
BF 7:45/8:15pm
**See my post about a working mom's pumping woes**

Milestones: There were SO MANY big ones this month!  She changed with leaps and bounds!
2. introduced puffs - banana
3. first run in the jogging stroller
4. yesterday she said MAMA!  She's starting to call for me when I'm not right near her.  I lovvvveee it!
5. her first tries in the walker (judge me if you must)
6.  The swing was retired (snif!), as it's not very useful anymore.  I got very sad.
7.  We also retired the baby tub (double snif!), and brought in the blow-up duckie bath.  Ty loved this!  B, not so much.  She SCREAMS every time.  We can't figure it out. ???????

Memorable outings: We took a trip to Chicago to see my parents, which was a long time coming.  Our baby jogger adventure was a big milestone as well.  Otherwise...we've been pretty grounded, trying to wade through our normal chaos.

Favorite toys/activities: Much of the same from last month.  Binky is numero uno!, she loves her aquarium in her crib, jumperoo, exersaucer, taggies blanket, rings, stuffed animals (she likes to bite on them and rub her face in them), hair (hers or anyone elses), paper, my blackberry (lol), baby keys, and anything that crinkles.  We got her a few more toys now that she's sitting. I got her a rolling bee that laughs.  We also brought out a gym "bar" that Ty played with, and learned how to pull up on.  She's not all that impressed so far.  To be honest, she prefers to be held BY ME, if she could choose. 

Funny moments: Yesterday during her first "mama", when she said it she did it in this low frog-like voice.  It was hilarious!  Of course she wouldn't do it on video.  Natch.  Also, when she's trying to poop...she tears up and her face gets ridiculously red.  It's sad and funny at the same time.  Watching her try to eat puffs is pretty hilarious too.  We find them in her diaper, down her pjs, stuck all over her hands, on the dog...etc.  She rarely gets one in her mouth successfully.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!  It is BY FAR my favorite holiday.  It's just family, food and fun.  I love it!  I'm also excited for a few holiday activities we do with the kids;  visiting santa, the polar express, zoo lights and others.  I am not a big fan of Christmas, but I'm pumped to share those events with my TWO kids this year!

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