Monday, November 14, 2011

A Venti Project

So there are a million things to post about today.  I'll start with our weekend, and leave the big milestones to my milestone Monday post later today.  Our big weekend plans were putting in a back splash (I exciting ::eye roll::).  However, to me it was, as I have wanted one since the day I chose to put in granite in our kitchen 3 years ago.  I was elated we finally found the time and money to do it.  We tend to put off projects until we can pay for them in cash.  We worked for 10 hours on it on Saturday (it takes an extra-long time when you're constantly handing off a 7 month old and trying to entertain a 4 year old) and 4 hours or so on Sunday.  It's not completely done yet, we still have to grout and buy some new outlet covers, but the stone is up.  I'm pumped!!!  Here's our progression:

 I am very proud of our kitchen & for my handy hubby (I hit the jackpot there!!).  We have installed a new undermount sink, upgraded the faucet, put in granite, installed under-the-cabinet lights, replaced the pulls with new modern nickel, put in a new overhead light (the previous owners had a fan in the kitchen...ummm...weird) and now put in a back splash.  I'm in love!  Now if only I could stain them cherry...then it would be my dream kitchen (okay not exactly "dream" about attainable dream kitchen).   
I also "graduated" to the chiptole burrito of the coffee world...a VENTI!  ::blushes:: I guess a mommy of two needs her big girl coffee now.  I frequently saw others ordering and walking around with those GINORMOUS coffees, and I always thought, wow...who needs THAT MUCH coffee?!  Ummm...this girl! 
So here I am with my coffee-as-big-as-my-head (literally!).  LOL! 
I love the fact that you can see T in the background! lol!  I'm not exactly looking my best either...hence the need for an extra-large coffee. :)

We had a busy weekend, but a pleasant for the fact that T has a horrible cough that keeps me up half the night, while B has a plugged up nose and puked and snotted all over me all weekend long.  Ahhhh the joys of parenthood.  I remember when I realized what lengths you go to as a parent when we were out to dinner with my parents on vacation and T began to choke...then throw up.  And what did super mommy do....I CAUGHT his puke in my hands.  Yep folks, puke-catching...that's when the light bulb went on.  This parenting thing is no joke! 

Hope your weekend was as family-friendly as mine!  I just wish the weekends didn't go so darn fast. 

Check back later today for our Milestone Monday and B's 7 month stats.  Can you believe my little princess is 7 MONTHS!  Crazy!


  1. Love the tile! And is there another size than venti?

  2. The tile looks fantastic! I want to do a backsplash in our kitchen, but we have so many other projects to finish first that it's pretty far down the list.

    Love the picture in the car - it looks like he's eyeing up your coffee :)


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