Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween with Two

We enjoyed our short, yet sweet, Halloween celebration with two little ones this year.  I remember last year having a conversation with hubs about taking two to the pumpkin patch and having a little girl to dress up "next year".  I can't believe it already came and went.  Sadly, I finally had the time to put out my Halloween decorations on, ummmm, the 29th, and they were up a whopping 4 days (I took them down last night). Plus, we went to a great pumpkin patch and got some really neat pumpkins, but only carved 1 pumpkin together...on Halloween ::blushes::  But despite my lame attempt at being festive, we still had a great time with the kids.  T was leading the pack of trick-or-treaters from our street, running at top speeds.  He brought home quite an impressive amount of candy for a four year old, SCORE!  I stayed home with fairy B, and handed out candy with my neighbor.  Although I'm a bit of a "stick-in-the-mud" when it comes to dressing up, being forced to spend my money while contributing to the obesity of our youth and accepting the mass amounts of candy my child consumes on and around Halloween, I did TRY to enjoy it this year.  I swear.  ::rolls eyes::  But, I do have some darn cute kids that help to lift my crankiness.  Enjoy!

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