Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Truths

Linking up with the Froggy & the Mouse (one of my most favorite blogs to read!) for what I thought was a great idea for a post.  Check out her "Christmas Truths" after you read mine, and join in the fun.
My Christmas Truths:
1.  The LED lights suck!  I don't care about the "energy conservation" hoopla...they just look plain stupid.  I don't think they're white at all...they're blue...and they annoy me.  (although we have given in and put them!).  And please, neighbors...don't turn them on until it's December 1st.  Thank you.
2.  Holiday music makes me puke.  I'm sorry.  It might have been my horrific past with retail (I worked at The Limited Too...yes I'm showing my age here, because it's now "Justice" I think).  For years and years I was FORCED to listen to the same couple of mix CDs over and over again, from Black Friday on.  It has completely scarred me for life.  But...if I had to listen to anything, it would be Mariah's "All I want for Christmas is You".  Love!
3.  Santa HAS TO have different wrapping paper than anything else that is wrapped, and the kids names have to be cut out of newspaper.  Thanks Mom for this ransom-esque tradition I just can't seem to kick.
4.  My Christmas Tree has it's own set of truths:
        -  It must be REAL! 
        -  I must place the red, green, silver and gold ornaments equally around my tree.  OCD-much?!
        -  tinsel is a must, as gaudy as it is
        -  there can be no tree in our house prior to December
        -  White lights only please, thank you.
        -  the tree skirt must face the normal traffic of the room, and be straight at all times.  More OCD-isms.
5.  It's not Christmas unless there is a plethora of vodka, captain morgan, baileys, wine, beer & whiskey and half of the family trying to get the other side drunk enough so that they don't go to church that night.
6.  We open our presents on or before Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning is for the kids only!
7.  As random as this list is...we MUST have all of these food items at our Christmas EVE celebration every year:  kilbasa, ham, turkey, pickles, shell salad, shrimp and cocktail sauce, jello with fruit and marshmellows, cheesy potatoes, potato chips, rolls, party press cookies, sugar cookies and all of Grandma's specialty cookies (stained glass windows, peanut butter sittin pretties, peanut butter blossoms and chocolate dreams).
8.  If we're not staying in some seedy hotel, it's not Christmas.  My Dad's family has way too many members to all meet at someone's home, so we find a "top of the line" ::rolls eyes:: hotel every year. If I don't shed tears, it's too nice.  Classy.
9.  Egg Nog rocks!  I don't care how bad it is for me or how many calories or fat grams there are.  When it hits the shelves come November, it's found in my fridge too.
10. The movie Christmas Vacation is funny EVERY SINGLE TIME we watch it Christmas Eve.  EVERY TIME! 


  1. I totally agree with #2 - I also worked retail and the christmas CD's killed me. And my family also watches "Christmas Vacation" every year on Christmas Eve and we crack up every single time :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with me! I am a total Christmas Vacation WHORE. I probably watch it about 765 times every Dec ;)


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