Monday, October 31, 2011

Milestone Monday ~ 10.31.11

Tyler had is first note home.  Yeah I know, shouldn't milestones be good?!  Well...such is life.  So everyday when I pick up T from daycare, I check out the contents of his backpack and folder that he takes with him to public preschool everyday.  Yes folks, we pay for daycare AND preschool.  What were we thinking?  I was very excited when he got selected for a spot at the public preschool in our town, as it's a lottery.  Problem only goes from 9:15 - 11:45am M-R...ummmm...for two full-time working parents, that wasn't gonna work for us.  So, we found a daycare that buses him over to "school" M-R, and the rest of the time he is there.  I digress. 

So back to the backpack checking...on this day I open the contents of his folder, eager to see what random crafts he has brought home or what fliers asking for money the school has snuck in.  Lo and behold...a very bright green post-it note.  Now we're not talking the everyday variety post-it, you know, the small square where not a lot of writing could take place.  Not that kind.  This was a post-it with lines, yes folks, this note required lines, and lots of them.  Let me paraphrase its contents, Tyler isn't listening to directions and he is rough housing with his friends, so he is frequently being removed from activities and asked to "sit out".  The behaviors stop, when he is punished, but the punishment isn't working to prevent him from said negative actions in future times.  So...this is the reason for said post-it.  I was DEVASTATED!  I cried!  I just kept thinking, my boy?!  really?!  My sweet boy?!  What have we done wrong.  Overdramatic...probably...avoidable...probably.  I was so disappointed in him, a 4 year old, I was disappointed...shame on me.   I was also a bit irked (as a teacher myself) that I was getting a post-it (I feel like Carrie Bradshaw here) telling me my kid is being bad. about a phone email perhaps?!  So, we talked to Ty, and we're working on it.  Problem is, we don't really see that behavior at home.  I know he's capable of being that way, so I'm not calling the teacher a liar, I always support my teachers.  What does she have to gain from writing to me about his behavior.  But, how can I correct it if I'm not there to see it, nor am I able to correct it at home, because he's normally such a good boy?!  So begins our journey into schooling.  Hurray (sarcasm).

Update as of 11.01 ~ More bad news!  My hubs was informed this morning when dropping off Tyler that he is a real "problem" during nap time at daycare.  He sings and talks loudly and disrupts other kids from their own rest time ::slaps head:: ugh!  My little man is such a sweet boy, but he's a spirited, energetic, leaning towards ADD child.  I'm in for a ride I think.  Thanks little brother and Dad for those "fiery" genes.  ::rolls eyes::.  Why can't he be more like his follow-the-rules mommy??

Brynleigh is now able to sit with help and for a few minutes on her own.  She is also doing raspberries (as of today) even though it's more like spitting in mommy's face :)  We also got out the walker for her.  Although she prefers to take a ride from her big brother around the kitchen or push herself backwards, she's enjoying the addition to her toy stash.  And before you all start lecturing me on how walkers are so bad for a baby's development...blah blah blah...I don't really want to hear it.  T used it and he doesn't just walk, he runs, it didn't mess up nor delay his development or mobility.  And as far as them being "so unsafe"  I would rather have my baby girl in a walker than one of those johnny jump ups that can come off the door frame and crash down with abandon.  As long as you watch your child and don't use the walker as a babysitter (and I think we're pretty good parents...if I do say so myself) it's no more dangerous than any other baby toy or large item in our house she can get into.  I rest my case.  To each his/her own.


  1. I was thinking about the sex & the city post it episode even before you said it ;) too funny!

    But seriously, wtf are the teachers thinking just writing you a post it about the behavior, what awful communication!! I hope they work with you to steer things in a different direction. Sounds like Tyler is one active, curious little guy! Definitely not a bad thing - my mom is a preschool teacher and sadly I hear all they time how teachers have little patience for the higher energy kids (call it ADD or whatever you want, I just think they're kids who require extra patience). So I hope Tyler lucks out with good teachers who are willing to take the time to work with him instead of just "sitting him out" :)

  2. stopping by from PYHO: my 3 year old is having some issues in school also but thankfully his teachers called me and set up a conference. I would have been mad had I received a little note in his backpack. He is high-energy too and probably ADD but his teachers are working with us to do what is best for him and time-outs just don't work for future behavior for him. hopefully the teachers will be willing to work with him.

  3. Sounds like you have a boy! I have two. I think it's hard for them at 4 to do everything the way they are "supposed" to in preschool. My son had a hard time at that age too. He went to his first preschool. It was a structured classroom setting, and it was an adjustment from the not so fancy daycare he had attended. Hang in there! :) Stopping by from PYHO!


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