Monday, November 21, 2011

Milestone Monday ~ 11.21.11

Another big week for B.  She started babbling consonants this week, bbbbbbb, mmmmm, and ddddd are her favorites.  She says "ba", "dada" and "mmmmmma" but as much as we'd like to think they mean something, I think it's just baby talk.  She also said goodbye to the baby bath, and is now happily accepting the blow-up duckie bath.  The big news was her first tooth poking out.  It's her bottom left tooth, that has now successfully cut through her gums.  My guess is that it's part of the reason why she's been unable to get over her cold.  Poor baby girl.  There have been no biting incidents yet, but this is a a whole new world for me.  T didn't get teeth until I was done breastfeeding, so I'm very scared to experience the biting.  yikes!

T's big first this week was his first sleepover.  Although it was just at mimi and papa's house, it was a big deal.  He was going over there just for a sleepover, leaving us at home with only one kid.  It wasn't because we were going out, or a babysitting situation.  They invited him over.  He took his sleeping bag and overnight bag, and was very excited.  It was so adorable!  I'd like to tell you we layed around and relaxed, but with 1 kid and a backsplash to finish, there was little time for "rest".  To be honest, we both commented a number of times on how much we missed him :(  The next morning T was the ball boy for his papa's 8th grade basketball team.  He even got to be part of the huddle.  It was a big moment for him.  Papa even got him a shooting shirt so he could feel like part of the team.  It's an added bonus that Papa coaches in the same school district I teach in. 

Our milestone for the weekend...a completed backsplash!  Whoot!  :)

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  1. Oh you take me back! I remember the first time my oldes went for her first sleep over and left us with just the babe. It seemed so....weird! Hope you have a great weekend:)


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