Friday, December 9, 2011

Why Are Kids so Germy...and other Randomness

Why have I been MIA...well...I'm sick...again!  You'd think that as a kid that went to a babysitter AND a teacher, I would have immune cells with superhuman strength.  Ummmm....not so much.  I am disgusted to think of how I even acquired this illness.  Why must high school students be so dirty?  Don't they know how to wash their hands, cover their mouths and remain at home when they are contagious?!  Obviously not.  So the end result of said grimy students is a killer case of laryngitis and a cough that won't quit.  Not exactly ideal for a gal that talks for a living. 

And how, might I ask, do you breast feed your sweet (still healthy, as of now, FX) baby girl without coughing your germs all over her?!  This morning I was feeding B and I felt a terrible cough coming on.  The problem is, when I cough, she startles from her sleep and/or bursts into tears.  I'm holding in my cough and kinda doing the throat clearing thing...and at some point I can't hold it in any longer.  If baby girl wasn't done feeding, it was too bad.  I hurriedly put her in the crib, inserted binky and booked it out of her room to unleash the cough of all coughs.  It's lovely.  On top of this illness, we have had a jam-packed week, and the multitude of activities will carry over into the weekend.  I just don't have freaking time to be sick!  DO YOU HEAR ME BODY?!  So I'm pumping vitamin C and multivitamins into my body at a rapid pace, and hoping the chills go away soon. 

In other news...not much.  :)  B is starting to become quite mobile, now deciding that her back isn't as fun anymore.  She is now deciding on her own to flip to her stomach (which is a good sign for being mobile soon).  I am also now frequently finding her facing the other direction in her crib when she wakes up in the morning.  I'm pleased to see she's FINALLY taking an interest in being mobile.  She is such a chill baby that it just hasn't been a priority for her.  T is doing wonderfully at school.  I had a very reassuring parent-teacher conference with his preschool teacher.  I now feel like his lack of "listening skills" isn't just him, the whole class suffers from temporary preschooler hearing loss.  I felt happy T was just a "normal" 4 year old.  I was also glad to hear he is soaring academically, and the teacher thinks when he acts out, he's just bored.  I know hubs is pushing for another year of preschool, but I truly think he's ready to move on to kindergarten.  If his maturity catches up to his brain, we'll be in good shape come August. 

Our weekend is full of fun events.  We have our progressive dinner on our street tonight.  We do have THE BEST neighbors around, so it should be long as I don't cough on and disgust them.  If I continue to cough, I might have to excuse myself early, which is a big bummer when we have a babysitter at home (aka Aunt Cindy).  On Saturday, we're having breakfast with Santa, getting a tree (finally), and going to Zoo lights with some family friends.  Sunday is wide open for football, cleaning and laundry (as per usual).  I'm eager to get some more shopping done too.

On a completely unrelated note, if you have in the past or have now a baby that is between 6-9 months, what is your normally daily feeding schedule?  I got this mailer from Gerber, I believe, that says she should be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, along with ~24oz of milk.  I was taken aback by that, since we're still on mostly breast milk, with cereal in the morning (with puffs, mum mum or some yogurt) and then an evening homemade puree with some finger food snacks.  She's feeding 5 times a day still too.  So...what's normal?  Weigh in please!  I completely DO NOT remember.  I guess I could look back on the blog in 2007-2008 to see what we did with T.

Hope you stay warm this weekend!  I'll check in again soon.


  1. DD, who just turned 10 months, JUST went to 4 nursings a day.

    For solids, for the last 2 months she will only eat what we eat, so she has been eating 3 meals since about 2 months. Every now and again she gets a snack, but mostly her nursing sessions are around "snack time" so that seems to suffice right now.

    Whatever your baby is eating right now is just what she needs! Gerber don't know her! (That was said in a ghetto voice, did you hear it?!)

  2. I meant she has been eating 3 meals for the last 2 months, not since she was 2 months old :)

  3. Sorry about being sick - that sounds like the same thing going around at our school feel better soon!

    We are still mostly BM ~ about 30oz per day. She gets about 2oz of fruit and some cereal in the morning. Then about 3oz veges and beans (black beans or chickpeas). Puffs are a snack a couple times a day.

  4. We got that same mailer and I kinda freaked out, too. Andrew nurses in the morning, gets 3 (sometimes 4) bottles at daycare and nurses twice in the evening. He eats 1 or 2 'meals' at daycare and one in the evening. No idea if we're doing this right!

    I hope you feel better and can enjoy the progressive dinner!


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