Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day

I love my life!  As cliche as it sounds, I'm very happy most of the time.  I love being a mommy & I definitely believe I found my other half in my hubby.  I'm a blessed woman!  My family is my everything.  We are virtually inseparable, and I wouldn't have it any other way, most of the time :) 

But sometimes...a Mommy needs to step back, recharge, and remember who she is. 

I was in dire need of such a moment, as the day-to-day grind of being a working mom of 2 and wife was wearing on me, emotionally & physically.  I could feel the restlessness and exhaustion creeping up, and I was getting a bit short with my family...thank God I caught it before I went over the deep-end.  So...I took a moment...or two...

I had one of the most wonderful few hours by myself the other day.  It truly only takes me a few hours to rediscover who I am, remove myself from my roles of mommy and wife, and just do things I love.  It does wonders.  It doesn't take much; a workout, shoe shopping, running errands ALONE, eating lunch ALONE taking my time with a bowl of soup, coffee, a cookie and a book, a quiet pedicure with a chair massage and a stroll around Target.  I was a new woman, renewed and ready to take on all the responsibilities that awaited me. 

I was also lucky enough to have my few hours THEN be able to complete two weekends of solid showings at back-to-back 5K's, minus the jogging stroller.  I love to run!  It is freeing, competitive, physically challenging and one of the only ways I can clear my head and manage my stress.  Being a runner is one of my "labels", it makes me who I am.  So when I kicked some pretty good post-baby butt in my first two races back (I even placed in the second run) I felt like yelling from the rooftops "I'm back baby!".

So readers (especially those of you first-time moms), I recommend taking these moments or hours to yourself.  Strip off the mommy & wife labels for just an hour or two, and get back to YOU.  I promise you'll be a better Mommy & wife for it! 

What do you do to recharge and rediscover you??  This is what I do...


  1. I went to see a movie with a friend the other day. The movie started at 1pm, I left my house at 10:30am :) There are always those little things you forget to enjoy: taking the escalator, opening doors for yourself, reading more than one page in a book without get distracted... Congrats on the great runs too!

  2. Ditto everything!! I've been working out 5 days a week for a couple weeks now and that time to myself has definitely been recharging. I love my weekly trips to Walmart for groceries all by myself where I get to walk around the isles aimlessly with no rush. Love it!

    P.S. I miss you girlie!


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