Friday, October 14, 2011

Halfway to One

I can't believe my sweet baby girl turns 6 months today (at 5:42pm, to be exact)!  It seems like just yesterday I was going into labor while teaching, driving myself home, quickly packing up, being sent the the waiting room while in active labor and barely pushing as she entered the world.  6 months goes by so incredibly fast.  Since this is, most likely, our last chance at the infant stages, I'm trying to soak it up as best I can. 

Brynleigh is SUCH A GOOD BABY!  We honestly say that exact statement multiple times in a day.  She is really just that good.  She has such a mellow personality.  This laid-back persona is evident in her lack of motivation to roll (even though she can, and has), lack of crying (unless hungry...and when she wants it, she wants it now!), the way she sleeps with both her hands behind her head, how she strokes her hair to self-soothe, that she has only had one "bad" day with her Mimi in 8 weeks, and she just "goes with the flow" most of the time.  She only laughs if it's REALLY funny, B prefers to give us a crooked smile with her tongue poking out at us.  It just melts my heart when she sees me (she's a big time mommy's girl) and grunts for me to come over or has a stoic face turn into a huge smile for me.  B is also starting to reach for me, usually only with one arm (maybe this is her laziness coming into play 

Although her chill attitude is a wonderful thing, most of the time, sometimes I wish she would laugh more, coo more and be more animated and active.  She is the complete opposite of her big brother.  But she's just calm, cool and collected, silently taking in the world around her, sleeping whenever and wherever, and going down to bed ridiculously easily.  She's actually a breeze to raise.  Even baby food has been easy.  We have given her bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, prunes, mangoes, avocado and peas...and we barely get an "ick" or a "pucker" face.  She can't get enough of it.  My baby is such a gift.  I'm such a lucky mommy!

Here's our monthly check in with little B:

Age: 6 months old...OMG! 

Stats: as of 10.24.11 (6 months and 1 week) she was 13lbs 11oz (7%) & 26.5" (71%).  Our little peanut!  Ty was almost 17 lbs at this age! 
Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Diapers are still size 2.  I'm hoping to get through this huge box I have, then move to 3's.  She still BARELY fits into her 3-6 months stuff, but I tried on a 6-9 outfit yesterday, and it fit pretty well.  I think we're transitioning into 6-9 soon.

Sleeping: Besides her cold, she usually sleeps from 8:30pm - at least 4am (which I'll take).  Sometimes she makes it to closer to 5am.  Most of the time, however, not much past that.  I get up, feed her, then decide if I want to get up for the day, workout on my treadmill or go back to bed.  It's a crap-shoot most days.

Eating:  Still BF.  Mimi gives her 2 bottles during the day that are 7-8oz each, I feed her in the morning and twice when I get home, so she is eating BM 5 times/day.  I give her 1 serving of baby food 2-3 T, probably 4-5 days a week.

Milestones: 1. eating first rice cereal, then first baby foods (all homemade by mommy) 2. eating mum mums (love these things!) 3. Using teething biscuits (I want to try a homemade version when I get my sanity back after homecoming is over) 4. jumping in the jumperoo and moving both the jumperoo and exersaucer around 360 degrees to pick what toy she wants to play with 5. putting her binky in and out of her mouth (sometimes throwing it on the ground, too!) 6. she just started reaching for me and grunting to be picked up (I loveeeeee it, because it's soley directed at Mommy). 7. Her first trip in the baby jogger (just walking...but I plan to try running soon).  8.  She can balance herself on her hands for a few seconds, before toppling over.  But sitting up is coming soon!
Memorable outings: Not much to report this past month.  I have been taking her with me everywhere though, cheer practices, meetings, etc.  She's a take-along child.  We plan to hit the pumpkin patch this weekend, and she did make a long trip up north to visit with her Great Grandma and Great Aunt (love me some Amish restaurants...mmmmmm!)
Favorite toys/activities: Binky is numero uno!, she loves her aquarium in her crib, jumperoo, exersaucer, taggies blanket, rings, stuffed animals (she likes to bite on them and rub her face in them), her feet are still up there in toy selections, hair (hers or anyone elses), paper, my blackberry (lol), baby keys, and anything that crinkles.  I got her a sensory ball, but she's not all that interested in it anymore.  We have also barely used her playmat lately (not sure why).  B also loves to be held, worn or be outside.  She is not all that freaked out by her carseat either, which is nice for trips.
Funny moments: Yesterday she both peed on hub's hand and spit up on my face.  Don't ask.  I also love when T and B "hug" (because she's starting to grab on now), and when he fed her it was priceless, messy...but priceless!
Looking forward to: More time with family coming up!  My parents haven't seen the kids in a while, and they're in town as I type, so I'm pretty pumped.  We have a trip "home" planned in a few weeks, and Thanksgiving is coming too.  I also have some fun events coming up...a half marathon, homecoming week at school, and lots of halloween parties and events.  I love fall!!!

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