Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Boy

My boy is four,
my little man can really talk.
He's obsessed with bugs and would rather run, not walk.
Ty loves to play cars, he loves to be outside
there isn't a sport that he hasn't at least tried.
He's very sweet and tender,
he loves his sister so.
Although he isn't perfect,
it's hard to tell him "no".
He's now taking the bus to preschool,
I can't believe the time has come.
Soon when I ask for hugs & kisses, he will refuse to give me some.
Tyler will always be my first baby, my sweet little man,
so for now I'll get those kisses while I still can.

Love you, goober!


  1. What a cutie!! Following thru Tat!

  2. Great Post! He is one cute little guy!

  3. These are such adorable pictures! He is so handsome :)


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