Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Isn't Just for Kids

We have incredible neighbors.  A little backstory on how we ended up on our great cul-de-sac.  Our first home was a great place to live.  It had a great walk-out basement, 2 closets in the master and a great big bathroom, an amazing deck and a huge backyard.  It was a great first home.  The only major problem was our neighborhood.  We had 1, yes 1, set of neighbors we socialized with.  The rest of the families around us were either neighbors we waved at regularly, or were a complete mystery to us.  After having Ty, we realized how much we craved a location where Tyler could go out and play with friends, we could meet and get to know our neighbors and it would be a place we wanted to stay long-term.  This location just wasn't working for us.  So, in a somewhat depressed market, we took a chance.  We put our house on the market and went looking for the neighborhood we could call home permanently. 

When you choose a house, you're really rolling the dice with the neighbors on your street, but every time we visited our street now, there were lots of kids playing, the cul-de-sac seemed safe, friendly and hoping with activity.  So, we took a chance.  That was 3.5 years ago...and, thankfully, we hit the neighbor lottery!  Our street holds end-of-school parties, fall donut/coffee mornings, halloween parties, progressive dinners, book club (for the gals), end of the summer parties, snow day celebrations, and more.  Plus, there are lots of kids around Tyler's age, and also little ones for Bryn to play with one day. 

So...anyway...last night was our annual Halloween party.  We always have a theme.  When we first moved in it was pirates, last year it was Grease and this year it was a "Scary" theme.  Since most of the pictures aren't "facebook appropriate", especially being a teacher, I thought I'd share them here.  Enjoy all the adults acting like kids.

Some of the neighborhood ladies trying to look "scary"...If you can't tell...I'm a dead Amy Winehouse (not Snooki)
 My neighbor (and hostess) and a volleyball that has been in another yard on our street for 6 weeks.  We decided to give it a face and a name.  Introducing our version of Wilson, here's Bob!
 A little flip cup action...which turned into a pretty competitive round-robin tournament

 Amy Winehouse can hold her own at flip cup

 gals post way too much flip cup
...and the guys.
Fun was had by all...but I could definitely do without this headache!  ugh!

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