Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Dr. Brynleigh

This is prior to her traumatic 3 shots.  Little does she know... :(
Note:  B was only 13lbs 11oz at her 6 month appointment.  I was shocked she was only in the 7th percentile!  My boy was HUGE, and now I have this little petite peanut.  What's with that?!  How big was your baby at 6 months?  Should I worry?


  1. I go with the mantra of "if your doc isn't worried, you shouldn't be either!"

    My oldest son just now busted out of the 5th percentile for weight (at 3 years old!). He's skinny. He's healthy. No worries!

  2. Andrew was 17 lbs at 6 1/2 months - 35th percentile. I agree with Gina - if your doctor isn't worried then she must be doing ok. She's just petite (and gorgeous!).

  3. We are on the big side. Payton was 17lbs 10oz at 6 months!! She was a peanut when she was born, promise!

  4. Els was just under 17 pounds.

    My niece is 11 months and barely 14 pounds.


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