Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Classic 9 & A "Babyjail"

Here's my 9 months in, 9 out post (better late than never). :) 

 B came 2 days after I took this picture!  Crazy she was all balled up in there! :)

Me & my little peanut

And on a completely unrelated note...
I need your advice, dear readers!!!  So please don't be shy!  Weigh in!
My MIL watches baby B while I'm at work.  She has a very large house with a big, beautiful greatroom.  Problem is...that leaves a lot of spaces to baby proof as B gets mobile.  Now that B is starting to get around, we have been discussing how to baby proof her home with gates, locks, etc.  Then I started to think ahead to my summer at home with my kiddos.  I am a teacher, so I'm fortunate enough to be able to spend 9 weeks at home during the summer months.  I digress...  I know many of you have reviewed what is often called the "baby jail" or a new age playpen.  I thought to myself, this might work.  MIL can use it until I'm out of school.  That would save her the hassle of pesky gates & cabinet locks for only a few months with B full time, and I would benefit from having it handy in the summer, when juggling both kids by myself.  I have been doing some research and it looks like I'm between the following 3 possibilities:

1. Little Playzone with Lights & Sound (retails for 99.00-119.00, depending on the day on Amazon)
4 of 5 stars on Amazon (aka My Shopping Bible)
3 of 5 stars on Amazon
3.  Dream On Me Playyard (retails for 114.00)
4 of 5 stars on Amazon
  So here are my questions for all of you:
1. Should I go with the "baby jail" option to help my MIL reduce her baby proofing and then use it for my summer at home??
2. Are there other options I am not aware of?? Please enlighten me!!
3. Can any of you review the above options?  Have you used them? 
4. Is it completely GROSS to buy one of these through a baby resale shop? 

TIA for the help!  Hope you're all out enjoying this unseasonably warm weather, unlike me...who's stuck inside a windowless classroom with mouthy high schoolers.  ::joy::  T and I are definitely hitting the park tonight!!!

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  1. Don't waste your money! She's not going to stay in it. She'll scream and cry to get out but MIL won't have the house baby proofed. Just baby proof~ there is really no way around it. :) Besides, Lil' B should be crawling around discovering her world~ not stuck in 4 walls. {Only use it for short amt's of time. 15-20 mins TOPS! :) IMHO


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