Friday, January 6, 2012

Computers, Concerns & Constipation

Hello blog followers!  The Scherman Family Four has been MIA lately, and I have lots of valid, and not so reasonable, reasons why.  That's a mixed bag of topics, but it's kind of how I feel right now, jumbled, disorganized and frustrated.  Lets start with the simple of our 3 C's...computers. 
Our computer has been slow for a while now.  Just a few days ago, a pop-up came up that said our windows spyware was expiring and that our computer was at risk of acquiring a hacker virus (at that time, so they claimed).  We had to hurry up and pay the 79.95 so that we could save our computer and the privacy of our network.  Something seems fishy to me.  The "spyware" had frozen all of our programs, we were unable to even get on the Internet.  I wasn't so sure I was willing to fork over this money.  I just had a hunch.  I told my hubby, and he used his tablet to look up this supposed virus.  Lo and behold, we were being duped!  Our computer WAS in fact infected...but it was the spyware that was the virus locking up our computer.  It was a scam (that we willingly fell for last year...I might add).  So hubs works for a computer software company and he had his "guy" look at it.  Come to find out, our entire computer was screwed, and we had to reformat it...READ ~ERASE EVERYTHING~!  Ummmm....  I took it better than I thought I would...but my Internet and blogging withdrawal kicked in big time.  It was a long process trying to figure out how to save as much as we could before we wiped the computer clean.  So FX we will have a better situation when I return home today. 

I can usually do some blog reading during my lunch hour at work...but it's been complete HELL here with the semesters end looming.  Kids are scrambling to do missing work...and I'm scrambling to write exams, grade the piles of paper and appease kids and parents by quickly updating grades.  It's a madhouse!

C #2 is Concerns...and I have lots of them regarding my babies.  My biggest concern right now is my milk supply. 
I'm CRAMMING my face with calories, drinking water like it's my job, taking fenugreek and still trying to pump at work.  I have even added and extra session (or two) at home.  Alas, I can see things changing...for the worse.  My rack is no longer a rack...they are quickly turning back into my nubbins (tear!).  My hormones are changing and I think I'm gonna get my period at any moment (acne, mood swings and bloating abound).  I also sense baby girl isn't getting satisfied when I feed her (insert heartbreak here!). 

Additionally, my concern is about B's size.  B went for a doctors appointment for C #3, and she was only almost 9 months!  I don't even know if she's on the weight chart.  What am I doing wrong??????  I just beat myself up for not being able to pack on the lbs.  She is also slow to hit her milestones, like rolling, sitting and becoming more mobile.  She shows little to ZERO interest in crawling.  I know, logically, I shouldn't dwell on those silly milestones, as each child develops in their own way.  Plus, as a mommy of 2, I should be more realistic.  But...I still worry.  I'm a mommy, and a type A mommy at I worry. 

Concern #3 is a big one...literally and's B's constipation.  Her face gets really red, she cries and shakes and sometimes barely gets out a marble.  Her poop is always hard as a rock and black as night.  I know, being an avid Oprah and Dr. Oz watcher, as well as a biology teacher, that your poop is directly connected to your internal health.  I was worried.  My worry hit an even bigger level when B had what we affectionately call the the "Traumatic Poop Episode" on Christmas Day.  B hadn't had a BM for a while, so we were hoping with every diaper we would see some relief for her (poor girl).  On Christmas Day, we had just sat down to open gifts with hubs' Grandma and Aunt and B started screaming, crying, shaking and sweating.  She also holds onto me, stands on my lap and leans over with her butt sticking out when she's trying.  It was a horrific thing to watch, my little peanut struggling and screaming out in pain.  What do you do???????  I could only try to comfort her.  Once I smelled success, I took her to the bedroom to change her (mind you she still seemed uncomfortable and in pain).  When I got the diaper off I saw what we call a "childbirth" situation (sorry baby girl for putting it all out there).  The poop was HUGE, black and STUCK!  Oh crap (pun intended).  I didn't know what to do, but I knew my little sweetheart was screaming out in pain, so Mommy was gonna find a way to fix it.  First instinct....yes folks...I did it...I tried to pull that badboy out with my fingers.  I quickly realized that wasn't gonna happen.  I was afraid I'd push it right back in or (try to stifle your gag reflex) possible make her tear (omg).  My family gathered around to get a look at this shit storm, and we all quickly brainstormed solutions.  So we ended up with...wait for it...a plastic Wendys spoon and some Vaseline.  I tried the spoon first.  Yep, picture it if you and a plastic spoon trying to save my baby from poop-agedon.  Spoon fail.  Next I tried the Vaseline.  I had no time to wait for a Qtip or Kleenex.  I just dove in with my finger and tried to grease her up to help it out.  The Vaseline did the trick (thank the Lord), and in her next scream in pain, it came out.  And, I kid you not, it was half her size in length, hard as a rock and looked horribly unhealthy.  B felt much better, I was traumatized and emotionally exhausted (as I had been crying as I watched her in pain) and the entire family was relieved.  However, she then went an entire week without pooping again.  I didn't know how to properly feed a girl who was that stopped up.  I was sick with worry.  We ended up bringing her to our pedi (the best in the land in my opinion) and he prescribed her with a gentle laxative we mix into her water or milk 1-2 times a day.  I was skeptical, because this was the exact same stuff they gave us when T had a similar issue and it did very little.  However...last night...I saw what our pedi calls "applesauce" poop!  I did a little happy dance.  I feel so much better she can relieve herself, and I have never been so excited to clean a poopy diaper in my life! 

So that's the 3 C's of me baby.  I've been missing catching up with you I have to get to reading and responding to your posts.  Belated Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Awww - poor baby girl (and mommy)! I hope that the laxative continues to work for both of your sakes.

    I can relate on the supply front. I've been chugging water, taking fenugreek, drinking that awful tea, and pumping when I can and I'm still not getting what I used to. We've had to supplement some with formula, which makes me sad, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

    Was the pedi concerned about her size? Maybe she is just going to be a petite little cutie.

    Oh - and sorry about your computer. That totally sucks :(

  2. So sorry! I feel you pain with poop and supply! P had constipation issues a while back too. Apple juice was magic for her.

    My supply tanked this week too. I am hoping that the gallons of water will help. I got my first AF back in early December and my supply did go down a little but not like this. I may have to try Fenugreek - where can I get it?

    With holiday craziness settling down, maybe we could get together?

  3. PS we also switched from rice to oatmeal cereal and it helped too!

  4. Hope things are smooth sailing from here on out!

  5. OUCH. That story made my stomach hurt, just imagining how awful it was.
    Nothing is working to help increase my milk supply either. Good luck!


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