Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Favorite Things: 9 Month Edition

Hello blog friends!  I've been a very horrible blogger as of late, as I'm just allowing life to get the better of me.  Plus, it doesn't help that our computer was non-functional for over a week and that we lost EVERYTHING on our C drive in the process...awesome ::eye roll::.  Thank God for the blog, as it eased my mind about possibly losing all our photos (we didn't...thank the lord).  Reason #1 why I blog...posterity!

Big B news...
she went from her tummy to sitting and she's scooting backwards at a very rapid pace.  Now we just have to work on forward motion.  Another big B development is stomach sleeping.  A few nights ago we had a horrible time getting her down.  I said, in a last ditch effort "just put her on her tummy, babe".  Lo and behold...she gave up her shrill screaming and konked out.  There wasn't even a wake-up for binky reinsertion (which there normally is 1-3 times per night on average).  The other big milestone for B is her first sign.  The last couple of weeks she's been doing the sign for milk pretty consistently.  I'm hoping "more", "please", "water" and "eat" will be next.  Then we'll work on "change" and "bath".   

Anyway...I haven't done a favorite things edition for a while...and since our needs have changed drastically from the newborn stage, I figured it might be helpful to share what has worked for us.  I have also include a few favorite things for the 4-5 preK'er.  Here goes:


Nuby sippy cups
B can just bite down and she can get water.  They are also light enough that she can use 1 hand to lift it and tip it.  The fact that they're cheap and easy to find is also a plus. 

A formula holder for snacks  (I prefer munchkin brand)
Some have 3 and others have 4 sections that are supposed to be used for pre-measured formula, but we use them for our plethora of puffs, yogurt bites and rice krispies that I tote around with us everywhere.  It makes it so much easier to have them as-needed, and keep my diaper bag clean and organized. 

Leapster Violet

As annoying as she might be, B loves her.  I love that she can actually say "Brynleigh" correctly too, which I was worried about when I was setting her up on our computer. I also adore the bedtime music option.  But...does anyone know how to turn her down???  She's sooo loud! 

Tiny Love Super Playmat
We LOVVVEEEE this new addition to our family room.  It's big enough that a baby 9 months + gets lots of use out if it, it's soft, it folds up and is easily stored next to our couch, and it has a set of handles to carry with us when we travel.  We plop her down on the mat to play and she loves her little "area". 

Vtech baby laptop - in pink

Endless hours of fun with many settings.  B loves to open and close it over and over. 

Tiny Diner

I was obsessed with this with T, but it's the absolute best invention ever!  I'm not a germaphobe, but having a safe and clean surface for her to play, eat, beat her toys, etc is wonderful.  I love the snack catcher too.  Plus, run a couple of wipes along it and it's clean and new.  I love how it rolls up and fits easily in the bottom of my diaper bag.  Huge applause for this product!  T had a green one, but they're affordable enough that we invested in a new one for B.

Vita Baby first feeding bowls 

I make my own baby food, and I pack food for B for my MIL to give her everyday, so these little things are just the perfect amount for her at this point.  Love them!  They come in a set of 4 and have matching lids.  Plus, they're dishwasher safe and BPA-free.  The come in pink, orange and blue.


A car DVD player!!! 

We came across this amazing invention accidentally.  We bought a Pilot when T was 6 months old and it had a built-in DVD player in back.  It has been a savior ever since.  I actually refused to make a deal with my most current car, a CRV (we like our Hondas), unless they could somehow put in a DVD player.  Not only is it great with long car trips, but it's amazing for cranky toddlers/preschoolers when I'm home in the summer and fun for me when I'm not driving.  We also have 2 sets of cordless headphones in each car so we are spared from the millionth time T wants to watch Bolt!

Evenflo Big Kid Booster
I am "in love" with our new booster.  Besides the fact that I love that it's not permanently installed, T can now buckle himself in, it has cupholders AND a snack tray on BOTH sides, and it was ridiculously affordable at Meijer!  Score!

Leapster Explorer

A great way to keep your active preschooler in check in the doctors office, at dinner, in the car, etc.  Plus, most of the games are learning games.  In addition, leapster has come out with their own "pad" (touchscreen) that also plays the explorer games.  Loving it!

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  1. I am so glad to see that someone else finds Violet annoying. Carina loves her, but she drives me crazy!


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